Angela Cullen Weight Loss

Many people seek Angela Cullen’s weight loss journey and workout plan. The former physiotherapist to Lewis Hamilton, Angela Cullen, has helped improve many individuals’ physical fitness.

Angela Cullen is a New Zealand physiotherapist best known for her work as a physiotherapist for Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time Formula One world champion.

Before her career as a physiotherapist, Cullen was a field hockey player and represented New Zealand in several international competitions.

Cullen was born on 5th August 1974 in Devonport, New Zealand, and began playing field hockey at a young age.

After retiring from field hockey, Angela pursued a career in physiotherapy and worked with several sports teams and athletes.

She was hired by Lewis Hamilton as his physiotherapist and has since been an integral part of Lewis’ team, traveling with him to tournaments around the world and helping him to stay fit and healthy on and off the track.

After Angela’s association with Lewis, many people have shown a keen interest in her personal life. Hence, via this article, we will discuss her weight loss journey and health update.

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Angela Cullen Weight Loss Journey

Since Angela Cullen is widely recognized for being associated with F1 racer Lewis Hamilton for almost seven years as a personal trainer and physiotherapist, many are searching for her.

People are also searching for Angela Cullen’s weight loss journey and diet.

While Angela Cullen is known for her work as a physiotherapist for Lewis Hamilton and her career as a field hockey player for New Zealand, any information about her personal weight loss journey is not readily available on the internet.

Angela Cullen Weight Loss
Angela Cullen doesn’t seem to have undergone a significant weight loss journey. (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, physiotherapists are often concerned about their health and body figures since their physical well-being holds particular significance.

Like any other person, Angela is also careful about her health and believes in caring for her body.

Since the former hockey player has always been fit, she hasn’t had any significant weight loss, and you can view from her before and after photos that Cullen has always maintained her weight in the same manner.

Angela Cullen Health Update 2023

As per the recent update, the former physiotherapist, Lewis Hamilton, has been living a healthy and balanced life and is not currently diagnosed with any major health issues.

Miss Cullen is active on social media; if she were diagnosed with any severe illness, she would have informed her fans about it.

Recently, she has posted videos and pictures showing that she has been doing great physically and is stepping on her next life endeavors.

Angela Cullen Weight Loss
Angela Cullen is leading a personal, content life. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Angela holds a degree in physiotherapy and health science.

Cullen supported the UK Athletics, the British Olympic team, the British triathlon team, and other commercial clients while working as a senior physiotherapist at the English Institute of Sport in London.

Angela Cullen Is No Longer Working For Lewis Hamilton

It was revealed on 17th March 2023 that Angela was leaving and would no longer collaborate with Lewis Hamilton.

They had been inseparable for seven years and had even traveled in the driver’s motorhome during a lockdown.

Before the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix’s practice, Hamilton and the New Zealand performance instructor made statements on their social media accounts to declare their separation, which they both claimed was amicable.

Furthermore, Angela and Lewis shared a beautiful friendship and bond as work buddies.

Even though they no longer work together, they have wished each other the best.

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