Angela Rayner

Angela Rayner illness has drawn the eyes of many people at the current time. Keep reading this article till the end to know everything about Rayner’s health.

Angela Rayner is a British politician who gained prominence as a member of the Labour Party. She was elected as the Member of Parliament for Ashton-under-Lyne in the 2015 general election.

Later, she was also selected for the Ashton-under-Lyne constituency in the 2019 general election. In April 2020, Rayner was elected as the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and also took on the role of Chair of the Labour Party. 

Throughout her career, Angela has been an advocate for issues related to education and social justice, drawing from her personal experiences and emphasizing the importance of accessible education and addressing inequality.

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Angela Rayner Illness: What Happened To Labour Deputy Leader?

Angela Rayner illness is one of the most searched topics on the internet sources, and everyone has been asking questions about the labor deputy leader’s health.

As of now, there are no records of Rayner having serious health issues. In November 2022, it was revealed that Rayner had the surgery after dropping six stones from pregnancy.

Angela Rayner Illness
Angela Rayner is making rounds on the internet as everyone has been searching for her illness. (Source: Sky News)

Meanwhile, she stated she underwent the operation after losing six stone of baby weight. Rayner revealed to the press that she got her breast job on her 30th birthday.

Similarly, her trainer had guided her to shed an impressive six stone, even though her chest resembled two eggs snugly nestled in socks, akin to the drooping ears of a basset hound.

Angela Rayner Health Update 2023

Angela Rayner health update as of 2023 is fine, and there is no news of the labour deputy leader having faced serious health issues.

Everyone started to search for Rayner’s health after Angela shared some updates about it in 2022. At that time, she also revealed that she had spent 14 months shedding the baby weight.

Angela Rayner Health
Angela Rayner health is completely fine, and there are no serious issues as of now. (Source: The Spectator)

Furthermore, Rayner now may have dealt with it, and there is no news of Angela having serious issues at the time of this post.

Apart from that, Angela can be followed on Instagram where she is accessible as @angelaraynermp with more than 81k followers.

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Where Is Angela Rayner Now?

Angela Rayner is busy with her professional career and is doing pretty well. On September 4, 2023, Keir Starmer appointed Angela as shadow leveling up secretary and shadow deputy prime minister.

Besides, Angela is known for being on the left of the Labour Party and has described herself as a socialist but not a Corbynite. 

Angela Rayner Now
Angela Rayner is the mother of three sons, and she lives a low-key life. (Source: The Guardian)

But Rayner has also defended compromises she has made with associates in the shadow cabinet, saying Angela will not let her principles block her party from getting elected.

Apart from her professional career, Rayner is doing well in her personal life as she is the mother of three sons. In the past, she was married to Mark Rayner, a Unison official.

Unfortunately, the pair parted away in 2020. On the other hand, she was also rumored to be in a relationship with Labour MP Sam Tarry. Despite the rumors, the fact has not been confirmed yet. 

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