Angela Scanlon Kids

Angela Scanlon kids attracted attention after their mother was reported of getting formal dance training, raising concern about her participation.

Angela Marie Scanlon, an Irish TV host and broadcaster, works for RTÉ and the BBC.

She first appeared on Irish television, hosting several shows on RTÉ, including the documentary “Oi Ginger!” in 2014.

Scanlon, a 39-year-old Irish TV presenter, has caused controversy for joining Strictly Come Dancing.

The show faces accusations of favoritism because Angela and another contestant, Layton Williams, have previous dance experience.

Angela Scanlon danced with the O’Shea Irish Dance Company in 2001, performing internationally. This has raised concerns about fairness in the competition.

With this news surfacing, people are also invested in learning about the family life of the BBC presenter. Let’s learn about her children.

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Strictly Come Dancing: Angela Scanlon Kids

The RTE star Angela Scanlon has a bustling household and on-screen commitments.

The Meath-born presenter is a mother to two daughters, Ruby Ellen and Marnie Fae.

Angela and her husband, Roy Horgan, from Cork, married in a picturesque ceremony in 2014, held outdoors in Wicklow and attended by close friends and family.

Angela Scanlon Kids
Angela Scanlon and Roy Horgon are the proud parents of two daughters, Ruby and Marnie (Source: EVOKE)

Angela lives in a charming home in North London with her family. She ensures her children’s faces remain private, avoiding sharing them on social media.

When discussing this choice, Angela conveyed that it’s the parent’s decision and not only her choice.

To illustrate, Angela shared that she talked with Roy about this even before Ruby was born, and they decided to keep it private until she chose to show herself.

Angela also openly discussed the challenges she faced following Rubys’ birth, recognizing that her world “imploded” then.

During a podcast conversation, she shared, “It’s difficult to admit that it wasn’t all perfect for me,” exploring the worries and obstacles connected to motherhood.

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Age Gap Between Her Daughters Ruby Ellen And Marnie Fae

Angela Scanlons’ daughters, Ruby and Marnie, have an age gap of approximately four years.

Ruby became a part of the family in 2018, and their youngest daughter, Marnie, was born in 2022.

During an interview, Angela also shared the reasons behind choosing distinct names for her daughters.

To illustrate, the television presenter considered naming her child Ruby even before pregnancy; nevertheless, Marnie was her spontaneous decision.

Likewise, in a previous Instagram Q&A session, Angela praised her husband’s active involvement with their children.

Angela Scanlon Kids
Angela Scanlon and her husband decided not to share pictures of their daughters online (Source: Irish Examiner)

When questioned about the ideal moment to begin a family, Angela responded that she previously had reservations and was worried that it could hinder her career.

Furthermore, she thought her professional endeavors might fade or become overwhelming.

With these thoughts, she concluded that she is lucky to have a husband like Roy, who is actively involved and fully backs her.

While balancing various roles can be demanding, she considers herself incredibly fortunate with the family she is blessed with.

Angela gained prominence on Irish television through her roles in Xposé and Off the Rails.

However, she is most recognized for hosting the BBC’s home makeover series “Your Home Made Perfect” and its related show “Your Garden Made Perfect.”

Additionally, she hosts “The One Show” and launched her own Saturday night talk show, “Ask Me Anything,” in 2020.

While initially impacted by the pandemic, the show gained immense popularity this year due to Angelas’ unique and engaging interviewing style.

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