Angelo Badalamenti Family

Angelo Badalamenti family has suffered a massive loss as they confirmed his death news on December 11, 2022, at 85 years old. He took his last breath peacefully with natural causes.

Likewise, Angelo Daniel Badalamenti was a professional composer widely known for scoring movies for director David Lynch, notably Blue Velvet, the Twin Peaks saga, and many more in line.

He entered the industry in 1963, and following his outstanding pieces, he acquired a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the World Soundtrack Awards Academy in 2008.

Moreover, his other accolades include “The Henry Mancini Award” from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers and several more for tireless dedication.

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Angelo Badalamenti Is No More; How Did He Die?

Angelo Badalamenti’s death has surfaced all over news outlets and social media sites, as the public highly acknowledged his works among the general.

Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch’s Composer on ‘Blue Velvet,’ ‘Twin Peaks’ and More, Dies at 85
Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch’s Composer on ‘Blue Velvet,’ ‘Twin Peaks’ and More, Dies at 85 (Source- Latestly)

He passed away on Sunday of natural causes, surrounded by family at his New Jersey residence, as expressed by his niece. There has been no mention of any kind of suffocation while he took his last breath.

Many people have passed the condolence with his death as he was a fan-loved personality who had gained admirers worldwide following his talent.

General people and several high-profile figures have paid tribute to his outstanding legacy. Also, David Lynch stated, “Today… no music” during his daily installment of the Weather Report on December 12.

Angelo Badalamenti Family Mourns To The Death Of Their Loved One

Angelo Badalamenti’s family members conveyed his death news to the media. Many people want to learn about his close relationships.

They may be highly grieving the moment after the death of their loved one. He was 85 years old at death, and previously his health condition was not said to have degraded.

Similarly, he was survived by his wife and childrens till date. He married his wife Lonny in 1968 and had two children later, and they lived happily together.

Even though his final rites’ whereabouts have not been publically shared, their family members may have accompanied him during the last moment.

During the last moment of his life, his family members were there for him. As they are grieving the phase, they have not shared any statement publically.

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Angelo Badalamenti, composer of “Blue Velvet” and “Twin Peaks”
Angelo Badalamenti, composer of “Blue Velvet” and “Twin Peaks” (Source- News In Germany)

Angelo Badalamenti Net Worth At Death

According to Latest News Freshers Live, Angelo Badalamenti has a predicted net worth of 5 million dollars at death. He has been working actively since 1962 till his end.

He was interested in music since his younger days, leading him to learn basic skills then. Due to initial practice and enthusiasm, he was successful in making a well-known composer.

When entering the professional industry, he was a modestly successful songwriter for radio and musical theater when tapped him. He co-wrote several popular songs, which gradually skyrocketed his earnings.

He is remembered as one of the prominent faces when remembering composer figures. Badalamenti achieved nearly fifty movies and worked with directors, including famous faces Paul Schrader and Danny Boyle. 

As a songwriter and orchestrator, he teamed up on records and music videos with Bowie and Michael Jackson. After vast experience and talent, his earnings resulted in millions of dollars.

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