Angus Mitchell Death

Learn about the tragic event surrounding Angus Mitchell *****. The son of hairstylist Paul Mitchell, passed away at 53.

Angus Mitchell, the son of legendary hairstylist Paul Mitchell, was a prominent figure in the beauty industry.

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He was co-owner of John Paul Mitchell Systems, inherited his father’s stake, and founded the Angus Mitchell Salon in Beverly Hills.

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Angus Mitchell ***** Cause Linked To Drowning

Angus was found dead in the swimming pool at his Honolulu home, with law enforcement responding to a call around 6 AM on Wednesday.

Reports suggest that Angus appeared to have drowned, but an official cause of ***** has yet to be released.

The circumstances surrounding Angus’s ***** took a tragic turn, considering he had shared moments with friends at his home the night before.

Angus Mitchell *****
Angus Mitchell was found dead in pool after sharing night with friends. (Image Source: The Sun)

An Instagram video depicted him enjoying Hawaiian music in the company of others.

The shocking news has prompted an outpouring of condolences from friends, family, and the hairstyling community.

Mitchell’s impact extends beyond his familial links, as he received multiple awards throughout his career, including being awarded #1 Platform Artist by Be magazine and getting honors from the Alternative Hair Show, which raises funds for leukemia research.

As investigations into the cause of his drowning continue, the beauty industry mourns the loss of a talented and influential figure.

Paul Mitchell Son Angus Mitchell Obituary And Tribute 

The world of hairstyling mourns the loss of Angus Mitchell, the esteemed son of iconic hairstylist Paul Mitchell, whose ***** at the age of 53 has left a void in both the industry and his family’s heart.

Born into a legacy of hairstyling greatness, Angus Mitchell embraced his father’s passion and expertise.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Angus became an integral part of JPMS, inheriting his stake and contributing significantly to the brand’s success.

In 2010, he opened the Angus Mitchell Salon in Beverly Hills, further solidifying his impact on the beauty industry.

Beyond his role as a hairstylist and entrepreneur, Mitchell was a globetrotter, representing JPMS worldwide.

Angus Mitchell *****
Angus Mitchell, hairstyling icon, leaves a legacy of innovation and inspiration. (Image Source: Daily Mail)

His influence extended to the men’s line, MITCH, where he served as a model and spokesperson, showcasing his commitment to innovation and excellence in hairstyling.

As friends, family, and the hairstyling community grapple with this profound loss, Mitchell’s legacy lives on in the salons he established, the products he endorsed, and the inspiration he provided to aspiring hairstylists.

Angus Mitchell Family Mourns The Loss 

The Mitchell family continues to deal with the tremendous loss of a cherished son, husband, and father after learning of the tragic news of Angus Mitchell’s *****.

Mitchell’s impact reached beyond the professional realm, touching the lives of his loved ones as a husband and father.

His three marriages, including the current one to Mara, and his role as a father to 8-year-old Dylan, showcase the depth of his familial connections.

Angus Mitchell *****
Mitchell family mourns Angus’s loss, remembering him as irreplaceable and cherished. (Image Source: Facebook)

The outpouring of condolences from friends, colleagues, and the hairstyling community speaks to Angus’s widespread impact on those around him.

The Mitchell family now navigates the difficult journey of mourning a life extinguished too soon, remembering Angus not only as a scion of hairstyling greatness but as a cherished family member whose absence leaves an irreplaceable void. 

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