Anita Manning

The Scottish antique expert Anita Manning daughter’s name is Lala Manning. Anita and Lala established The Great Western Auctions Ltd in 1989. Who is Lala’s Father? 

Lala Manning is reputedly known as the daughter of Anita Manning. Anita is a television personality from Glasgow, and she is well-known for her appearance as an expert and presenter on the BBC’s Bargain Hunt, Flog It! and the Antiques Road Trip. 

Manning is also the first female auctioneer in Scotland. She was a teacher before starting her own family life. Likewise, has had an interest in antiques from her young career. 

The television personality started growing her knowledge of antiques by buying furniture from auctions. She first visited Glasgow as a buyer, where she bought and sold furniture. Since then, she began growing as an auctioneer. 

Additionally, in 2016 the television star set a new record for earning an enormous profit on one item on the Antiques Road Trip.

Who Is Lala Manning? Anita Manning Daughter

Lala Manning is famous as the daughter of Anita Manning. Lala and Anita is a famous mother-daughter duo that established the Glasgow auction House Great Western Auctions in 1989.

Like her mother, Lala is also dedicated to the field. So, she chose to follow in the same footsteps as her mother did. However, she is less famous than her mother. 

Despite this, Lala has gained much popularity from her mother’s fame. Moreover, Lala started gaining more fame after running the show, The Great Western Auctions Ltd, which has since been aired in Flog It, Bargain Hunt and Cash in the Attic.

Anita Manning
Anita Manning with her daughter, Lala Manning. (Source: Glasgow West End)

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The star kid doesn’t prefer exposing her details widely on web sources. Therefore, her age and birth details have also remained mysterious. 

Who Is Lala Father? Anita Husband Name Revealed

Netizens often ask about Lala’s Father and wonder if Anita is married as she has barely talked about her married life on the media premises. 

Well, the Bargain Hunt is married, as per the sources. Despite being in the limelight over decades, Anita has successfully kept her personal life away from her fans. 

Anita Manning
Anita Manning and Charles Hanson are Road trips. (Source: Facebook)

Anita claims she is married, but he has never revealed her husband’s name and profile since the beginning of her career. Therefore, this is still to know how Lala’s Father sees and what he does for a living. 

Does Lala Manning Have Any Siblings?

Yes, Lala has one brother named Luke, who lives in Hong Kong. Like Lala, he is also private, and fans rarely see him. 

Luke has never confronted the media. Therefore, we need to determine his age and personal and professional career. Despite the fame, it is not very certain; the Manning family prefers keeping their attributes secret. 

Lala and Luke must grow up together; nonetheless, the details of their education and childhood are still secretive topics for us. 

Anita Manning Net Worth As Of 2023

Anita Manning has made most of her earnings from her career as an antique expert. According to the sources, her net worth is over $ 3 million. 

As Anita has been active in the field since her initial career, we can say that she is one of the most successful antique experts and has also been regarded as the first female auctioneer in Scotland.

Anita Manning
Anita Manning during Antiques Road Trip. (Source: BBC)

According to the reports, Manning gives her team £300 to spend on items and can keep the profits they make. Similarly, Anita also expected to make money by appearing on her show. 

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