Anita Manning Illness

Anita Manning illness: the antique expert and Bargain Hunt star still run her antique shop with her daughter. So, it is likely that she is in good health.

Anita Manning is a prominent antique expert and television personality from Glasgow, Scotland.

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The 76 years old is best known for her appearances on the BBC’s Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, and the Antiques Road Trip as a presenter and antique expert.

The Glasgow native is claimed to be the first female auctioneer in her home country.

There has been plenty of curiosity about Anita Manning’s health recently. Does the antique expert have any illness? In this short article, let’s explore more about the renowned television personality’s health, personal life, and net worth.

What Illness Does Anita Manning Have? Health Update

Anita Manning has no illness. She still runs their antique shop – The Great Western Auctions Limited – with her daughter, Lala.

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Born on 1 December 1947, the unique Scottish expert Anita Manning is 76 years old. Since the Bargain Hunt star has not made any appearances on any shows, her fans worldwide are concerned about her health.

Anita Manning Illness
Anita Manning appears to be in good health. (Image Source: BBC)

There have been no reports about the TV presenter’s illness. In addition, she also has not revealed anything regarding what condition her health is in.

Thus, it appears safe to assume that Manning is in good health. Let’s hope she will come forward and addresses the ongoing curiosity.

Anita Manning Family And Childhood

Growing up, the Flog It! presenter accompanied her dad to auctions on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow. As a result, she grew up to love antiques.

The antique experts ventured into the antique business in the 1970s after buying a bed from an Irish dealer. The Irish dealer also offered a job as a buyer.

As stated above, Anita is claimed to be the first female auctioneer in her home country.

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On the Antiques Road Trip in 2016, Manning broke the previous record for the most significant profit on a single item. She made a 7,500% profit when she sold the Buddha statue she had bought for £50 for $3,800.

Anita Manning Illness
Anita Manning made a 7,500% profit when she sold the Buddha statue she had bought for £50 for $3,800. (Image Source: The Sun)

This record was surpassed in September 2017 when Paul Laidlaw paid £60 for a sub-miniature Chambre Automatique De Bertsch camera and earned £20,000 when he sold it at auction.

Is Anita Manning Married? Who Is Her Husband? 

The antique expert is reportedly married and has kids. Despite being in the limelight for a long time, the Antiques Road Trip star successfully kept her personal life under the radar.

Her Flog It! BBC profile mentions she is married. So, the Scottish antiques expert also found success in her love life. However, Manning prefers not to talk about her marital life and husband.

The Sun reported that the television personality is a doting mother of two children – a son Luke Manning and a daughter Lala Manning.

Talking about Anita’s daughter, Lala inherited her mom’s passion for antiques. The mother-daughter duo even run their own auction House together. Further, they established The Great Western Auctions Ltd in 1989.

The shows Flog It!, Bargain Hunt, and Cash in the Attic featured her shop multiple times.

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Anita Manning Net Worth Collection

Anita Manning must have amassed a hefty sum as an antique expert and television presenter. Since venturing into the antique business in the 1970s, Manning has not turned back.

In addition, her journey has been glorious. Thus, her net worth must be a sizable sum.

Although Anita Manning’s actual net worth is unknown, some credible sites have come out with an estimated figure.  

As per All Famous Birthday, Anita Manning holds a massive net worth of $5 million. Yes, as of 2024, she is speculated to be a millionaire, and if that’s true, then she enjoys a lavish lifestyle. 

According to Express, Bargain Hunt gives each team £300 to spend on items. They can keep whatever profits they make. The experts will likely make their money from a regular salary every time they appear on the show.

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Are Anita Manning And Natasha Raskin Related?

Many netizens want to know whether or not Anita Manning and Natasha Raskin are related. Let us make it clear to those searching for the answer that they are not blood-related. 

Although Anita Manning and Natasha Raskin don’t share the same family, they share a similar passion, bringing them closer. 

Both of them are Scottish antique experts and TV personalities from Glasgow. Anita and Natasha have been on the same programs, including Antiques Road Trip, Flog It!, and Bargain Hunt.

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