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Anjali Arora boyfriend Akash Sansanwal seems to be deeply in love with each other. Here’s what you should know about the Lock Upp star.

Anjali Arora is a famous social media star and TikTok sensation from India who gained widespread recognition following her dance in a viral song named Kacha Baadam.

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Since getting famous for her dance from that song, Arora is also tagged as Kacha Baadam Girl. Besides her TikTok fame, Arora became more prominent after appearing on Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Upp

Apart from getting famous for her TikTok videos and her appearance in the reality show, Arora also got into a controversy in mid-2022. Before learning about her viral mms, let’s explore her love life.

Who Is Anjali Arora Boyfriend Akash Sansanwal?

Anjali Arora is reportedly in a relationship with her boyfriend, who is named Akash Sansanwal. It is unknown when the duo began dating, but some social media posts show their love life is going well.

In May 2022, Arora talked with E Times, where she opened up about her boyfriend. She was once spotted with Akash at Mumbai airport, which dragged the eyes of many people.

Anjali Arora Boyfriend
Anjali Arora and her boyfriend Akash Sansanwal snapped together. ( Source: Instagram )

She also admitted that Akash is a supportive partner who greatly respects her. The Kacha Baadam Girl also said that they had spent time with each other’s family members. 

Meanwhile, Arora does not feature her boyfriend on her social media handles, but Akash regularly shares snaps with his girlfriend on Instagram, where he is registered as @akash.sansanwal.

Exploring Akash’s Instagram posts, we can see the lovebirds going shopping and on many trips. So, we can say that they are still dating and is doing well in their life.

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Anjali Arora Viral Video on Twitter and Leaked MMS

As mentioned earlier, Anjali Arora was once involved in controversy as her alleged MMS went viral on social media, mainly on Twitter. In August 2022, an intimate video went viral on social media where netizens said it was Anjali Arora.

anjali arora mms
Anjali Arora talks about the leaked MMS with Siddharth Kanan. ( Source: Twitter )

After some time, Arora also broke her silence regarding the viral video and denied it was not her. While talking to Siddharth Kanan, Arora said these unwanted things affect her and her family.

So, it can be said that the video was leaked by her haters who wanted to defame her. These fake rumors may also affect her relationship with her partner, with whom she is said to be happy.

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Internet Goes Crazy With Anjali Arora New Video On Instagram

Anjali Arora, the famous Kacha Badam girl, is again in the people’s eyes as she recently shared a video on Instagram captioned, “On Demand.”

The talented viral sensation mesmerizes her fans in the video with her electrifying dance moves and striking poses. She exudes confidence and charm in a stylish white crop top and a sleek black mini skirt, captivating her audience with every move.

Anjali Arora goes viral with her new Instagram video. ( Source: Instagram )

The video has been an instant hit, captivating the hearts of many viewers and amassing an impressive number of likes and views. Arora, adorned with a stunning ultra-glam dress and bold brown leopard print boots, effortlessly showcases her daring and unique sense of style.

Her boldness and fearless attitude shine through, making her a true inspiration to many. To get more updates about her ongoing lifestyle, we can follow her on Instagram as @anjimaxuofficially

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