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People want to know about Anna Kondratowicz Wikipedia. For many years, Jan Nowicki has been regarded as one of the greatest admirers of Polish cinema.

During the Wabrzych Film Directing Festival in 2018, Jan Nowicki and Anna Kondratowicz made their media debut as a couple. However, very few people knew they had been wed for two years.

Polish born Jan Nowicki was born in Kowal, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, on November 5, 1939. Anna is a writer and actor best known for his roles in Lawa, Sztos, and Jeszcze nie wieczór.

Opinion piece about Adam Mickiewicz’s “Dziada” (1989). Since 2016, he has been wed to Anna Kondratowicz. Before that, he was married to Malgorzata Potocka.

Anna Kondratowicz Wikipedia And Zyciorys

Anna Kondratowicz is the wife of Jan Nowicki, who is yet to be mentioned on Wikipedia. Jan Nowicki and Anna Kondratowicz kept their relationship secret for a long time.

They were married in the Opole region in 2016 in front of their nearest and dearest. The artist relocated to the Witokrzyskie Voivodeship from Kraków because of love.

“I could see the city of Namysów out in the distance. There, we met Julek Kruszyski, the mayor, who I requested to host a wedding that nobody would find out about. He also put everything in order.

Anna Kondratowicz Wikipedia
Jan Nowicki with his wife Anna Kondratowicz. (Source: Pomponkin)

Muniek Staszczyk, a poet, and Jacek Bawut, a talented director, are the pals I adore and respect. It happened last year. I got married and moved to Kielce,” the Actor stated in an interview with the publication “Pani. “

In one of the interviews, Jan Nowicki acknowledged that, despite the emotional sound, he had learned, through his beloved Anna, that it is never too late for true love.

Additionally, he said that she would hold his hand while he experienced “the last chill” of death because she was his last love.

Anna Kondratowicz Wiek and Husband Details 

Klemens Kossowski and Emilia Kossowski were the parents of Anna Kondratowicz, who was born Kossowska and welcomed her into the world in 1885.

He has been married to Anna Kondratowicz since 2016. Anna, who is of Polish ancestry, started as an Actor. She left the screen earlier than anticipated to concentrate primarily on her business.

Anna Kondratowicz Wikipedia
Jan Nowicki and Anna Kondratowicz happy together. (Source:

Anna Kondratowicz was Jan Nowicki’s second wife and was well-liked among females. The Actor has made it clear time and time again that he expects sincerity and devotion from his partner. He acknowledged that he felt happy when she was by his side.

“I met love today, not to sound like some Rodziewiczówna, but. My Ania is this. What about the expectations? No. I didn’t have any plans.

This is one of the worst things that can happen to me if you talk about something as trivial as gifts. I freak out over gifts. Additionally, Jan Nowicki stated in an interview for “Viva” that he did not deserve his wife.

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