Anna Rybakina Boyfriend

Anna Rybakina boyfriend: people want to know if Elena Rybakina’s sister is dating anyone currently. Here is what we know about it.

Anna Rybakina is the elder sister of professional tennis player Elena Rybakina. The Rybakina sister shares a close-knitted bond.

Anna never misses the opportunity to cheer up her younger sister during matches. As a result, she can often be spotted among Elena’s cheering crowd.

In addition, the media often spots the sisters together. Due to this, the professional tennis player’s fans are also keen to learn about her sibling.

Let’s unpack all the details about the star tennis player’s elder sister, Anna Rybakina.

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Anna Rybakina Boyfriend: Elena Rybakina Sister Dating History

It is unclear if Anna Rybakina is dating anyone at the moment. Going through her Instagram account, we assume that Anna is single and enjoying her life to the fullest.

Anna Rybakina Boyfriend
Elena Rybakina shares a solid bond with her elder sister Anna Rybakina. (Image Source: Instagram)

However, Anna might have refrained from sharing anything related to her personal life, particularly about her love life. Regardless, the person who is dating or will date Anna Rybakina is lucky.

Regarding Elena Rybakina’s boyfriend, the tennis player is not currently dating anyone. Elena is currently at the peak point of her career.

Thus, she must focus on achieving her goal. She must have decided not to date and distract her during the important period of her career.

Anna Rybakina And Elena Rybakina Parents And Childhood

Elena Rybakina was born in Moscow on 17 June 1999. As of 2023, the star tennis player is 24 years old.

Similarly, Anna Rybakina was also born to her parents in Moscow, Russia, in 1996. Talking about their age difference, the Rybakina sisters were born three years apart.

Anna was born only three years before Elena, so the adorable sisters must have grown up as playmates. Anna and her famous younger sister grew up surrounded by their parents’ love. As a result, the sisters have developed a close connection with one another.

According to reports, Elena participated in sports from a young age with her elder sister. But it looks like Anna didn’t pursue her career in sports. 

In an interview with Formula TX in 2020, Elena disclosed that she talks about everything with her elder sibling except tennis. The World No. 7 player also said that Anna knows nothing about tennis and sees no difference between how Elena used to train then and now.

Elena Rybakina Fans Criticized Her Elder Sister

In the BNP Paribas Open final in Indian Wells, Elena Rybakina defeated Aryna Sabalenka to win her first WTA 1000 championship. Following her victory, she climbed to a career-high World No. 7 position.

Anna Rybakina Boyfriend
Anna Rybakina was criticized for her passionate reaction during Elena’s recent game. (Image Source: Twitter)

Her older sister Anna Rybakina, who accompanied Elena to the competition, was clearly engaged during pivotal moments in the thrilling final.

The sister of the Kazakhstani tennis player received criticism for her passionate reaction during the final. Twitter users said Anna was too over the top.

The online users said that Anna Rybakina’s tendency to act theatrically could eventually become a “liability” for the World No. 7 tennis star team.

“Rybakina’s sister will soon become a liability for her team. Way too unhinged and theatrical each time she thinks she might be on camera,” one user wrote.

However, tennis fans immediately blasted the user for their interpretation of the event. One supporter questioned how Rybakina would suffer due to her sister’s passion.

“How is that a liability for her team? How does it affect anything in any way?” asked the user.

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