Anna Shay Siblings

Discover Anna Shay siblings and family connections. Explore the relationships and background of the renowned reality TV star Anna Shay.

Anna Shay, a beloved mother, grandmother, and charismatic star, left this world at the age of 62 due to a stroke.

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Her family, expressing deep sadness, shared how Anna taught them to appreciate life’s joys and not take it too seriously.

Shay was a prominent personality known for her appearance on the reality TV series “Bling Empire.”

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Anna Shay Siblings: Meet Her Brother Allen E. Shay And Ray Shay

Anna Shay had a strong bond with her brother Allen E. Shay, and she also had a half-brother named Ray from her mother’s previous relationship.

Following her father’s passing in 1995, Anna’s brother Allen took on the CEO role at Pacific Architects. 

In 2006, Anna and Allen decided to sell the company to Lockheed Martin, which resulted in them becoming heirs to the family fortune.

Following their assumption of CEO roles, Anna and her brother Allen Shay had frequently been seen collaborating and working together, allowing people to understand their dynamics and partnership better.

Anna Shay Siblings
Anna Shay had a brother named Allen E. Shay and Ray. (Image Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Despite having a strong bond with her half-brother, Ray, Anna Shay’s half-brother, has chosen to maintain a private profile, keeping his personal and professional life away from public scrutiny.

Consequently, no information about Ray’s personal or professional endeavors has been disclosed or made available.

It is common for families of well-known personalities to keep their information away from media and sources. 

Who Are Anna Shay Parents Edward Shay And Ai Oizumi Shay? 

Shay was born to her parents Edward Shay and Ai Oizumi Shay. An American businessman, Edward Shay founded Pacific Architects and Engineers, a prominent global defense contractor.

Anna’s mother, Ai Oizumi Shay, had a rich cultural background with Japanese and Russian heritage.

Edward Shay’s accomplishments in the defense industry established him as a successful entrepreneur and influential figure.

Anna Shay parents
Anna Shay’s parents were Edward Shay and Ai Oizumi Shay. (Image Source: Distractify)

He built a reputable company that significantly contributed to various defense projects worldwide through his work.

Ai Oizumi Shay, Anna’s mother, brought a unique blend of Japanese and Russian cultural influences into the family.

Although specific details about Ai Oizumi Shay’s personal life and accomplishments are not widely known or disclosed, her heritage likely shaped Anna’s diverse background and upbringing.

Shay’s parents and her siblings supported her career choice and interest; they were always there for her support. 

Anna Shay Husband – Family Details 

Anna Shay, who was not married at the time of her passing, had four ex-husbands, although their identities have never been publicly disclosed.

The separations from each of her husbands reportedly occurred amicably, but she deliberately kept their names private, leaving Bling Empire fans curious.

Fans of Bling Empire are aware of her son, Kenny Kemp, whom she had with one of her previous husbands.

Anna Shay Siblings
Kenny Kemp is the biological son of Anna Shay. (Image Source: The Us Sun)

Kemp is known for his passion for cannabis and owns a remarkable collection of bongs valued at $500,000, which he stores in Shay’s basement.

The extensive collection comprises pipes, pendants, marbles, and tubes, despite Kemp not working directly in the cannabis industry.

Kemp explained that those who purchase glassware in this industry possess substantial funds that may only partially be legitimate.

He justified the substantial spending on glassware by referring to the abundance of cash and the need for thorough cleaning.

Although the details of Kemp’s collection may have evolved since 2015, he likely inherited his mother’s fortune following her passing. 

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