Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad

Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad scandal has been searched by many people on the internet. Find out the actual controversy between them.

Anne Jakrajutatip is a famous Thai businesswoman, television host and CEO of JKN Global Group. Also, she is the owner of various beauty pageant organizations, including Miss Universe and Miss USA.

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Furthermore, Anne became the first trans woman who entirely owned these organizations in their history. In 2018, she became CEO of JKN Global Group.

In addition to that, she is also the founder and director of Life Inspired for Transsexual Foundation. It is a charity organization that advocates for transgender rights in Thailand.

Apart from being noted for her professional work, Jakrajutatip often gets into media prominence for her personal life.

Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad Scandal Explored

Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad have been linked to each other for a long time. Many people believed that Anne and Clint had dated each other, and they shared the relationship of a boyfriend and a girlfriend.

However, there is no truth about it as they are good friends who have a good relationship. Speculations about their unlikely friendship started when the rumored couple posted their photos together on Instagram.

Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad Scandal
Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad dragged both of them into the controversy. ( Source: NewsKO )

In 2020, Anne defended Clint from bashers after she revealed that he had been living with her in Thailand. In a talk show, Jakrakutatip said that they were cooking something together which would shock the public.

Some of their images posted on Instagram also shocked many people as Anne and Clint used to work together making various content.

Apart from that, some unverified Twitter handles are used to share fake news between Jakrajutatip and Bondad.

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Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad Controversy: What Happened Between Them?

As said earlier, Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad often get into media prominence for various reasons. People often ask questions about their controversies from the past.

In July 2020, Anne revealed that Clint has been living under her roof for about nine months now. She posted a series of photos of her and Clint together with her family on her Instagram handle.

Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad Controversy
Anne Jakrajutatip and Clint Bondad made headlines after their romance rumors circulated. ( Source: Yahoo )

In the images, Clint was seen happy with the family of Anne. In the comments section of one of her posts, a netizen criticized Jakrajutatip for not reaching out to Bondad sooner, knowing she considers him a sibling.

It all started when Clint shared a series of cryptic messages on his Instagram stories. Due to some of his statements, people raised questions about his mental health.

So, online users made comments on Anne’s post, and she also said that she was aware of it and said that Clint should be corrected in his mannerism.

Clint Bondad Leaked Video Went Viral

Apart from getting linked with Anne Jakrajutatip, Clint Bondad went viral after an alleged video of him kissing a transgender went viral on various social media platforms.

The viral video reportedly showed a man kissing and hugging an unknown woman at a bar. Many people claimed that the man was no other than Clint.

Clint Bondad Leaked Video
Clint Bondad leaked video went viral on various social media platforms. ( Source: IMDb )

Apart from the club video, another video of them from a bed garnered huge public attention. Despite all the leaked videos, Bondad never talked openly about the matter with the media.

So, it remains unclear whether the video was real or not. 

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