Anne-Marie Duff Illness

Actress Anne-Marie Duff talked with the Good Morning Britain, host about dementia and the struggle of watching a loved one experience the disease.

There has been concern related to the Actress’ health recently. Is she sick? What kind of diseases does she have? Let’s find out more about it below.

With her never-ending charm and extraordinary talent, British Actress Anne-Maria Duff has won the hearts of millions of people.

Soon after graduating from Drama Centre London, Duff ventured into the acting industry in 1997 with the Drama Trial & Retribution.

Since then, she has starred in several movies and series, including Nowhere Boy, Suffragette, The Magdalene Sisters, and Shameless.

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Anne-Marie Duff Illness And Health Update

Anne-Marie Duff is healthy. The British Actress is not suffering from any illness.

At least there have been no reports related to it. Fans of the Actress can rest assured as she is fit and fine.

Anne-Marie Duff illness
Anne-Marie Duff doesn’t have any health issues. (Image Source: Twitter)

The concerns might have been raised as the Nowhere Boy Actress is close to Alzheimer’s society and often discusses it during her interviews.

However, Anne-Marie is not sick and has a health problem. Her brother, Eddy Duff, has Alzheimer’s disease.

Anne-Marie and Eddy Duff were born to their parents, Brendan and Mary. Their mom and dad are from Donegal, Ireland. The Duff sibling’s Father worked as a painter and decorator. Their mother worked in a shoe shop.

Meet Anne-Marie Duff Brother Eddy Duff

Anne-Marie Duff’s elder brother Eddy Duff – who is only two years older than her – was diagnosed with dementia in his early 40s.

Eddy Duff is 54-year-old as of 2023.

Anne-Marie Duff – who also serves as Alzheimer’s Society ambassador – said that her brother had been diagnosed with a form of dementia, and he has been battling with early onset Alzheimer’s for over a decade.

The Suffragette star was working at the theatre when her brother noticed something was wrong with him. After a couple of weeks, Eddy got his diagnosis.

It is very unusual for somebody to be diagnosed with dementia at such a young age.

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Anne-Marie Duff And Alzheimer’s Society

The Alzheimer’s Society ambassador also makes an effort to raise funds for people with Alzheimer’s.

While talking with the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky, the 53-the year-old star said, “I can’t express enough how wonderful social services and the care system have been, and that’s why I’m here today: to try and encourage more investment in that world.”

Anne-Marie Duff Illness
Anne-Marie Duff serves as an ambassador for Alzheimer’s Society. (Image Source: The Guardian)

“I can’t even express how liberating it was to suddenly be able to sleep through the night without worrying that he was somewhere wandering around London,” added the Actress.

It is not only the Actress who is making an effort; her friend, Carey Mulligan, also supports the charity. 

Talking about her brother’s condition, she said Eddy is single, which helped him a lot. Anne said if anyone cares for someone with the same disease, there may be aggression, anxiety, and confusion.

“As such, you should be attempting to manage that without feeling ashamed because there is so much shame associated with that,” added Duff.

It looks like the Actress is doing everything she can to help her elder brother’s life. She said if somebody you love suddenly disappears before your eyes, you feel desperately guilty for not being able to help them.

The Nowhere Boy star’s brother’s condition is deteriorating slowly. Hopefully, the Duff siblings will spend much time together and make numerous memories.

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