Anthony Avalos Autopsy

Anthony Avalos autopsy report says he was tortured almost for five days to a week before his death. 

Anthony Avalos died in 2018, and the news of this is still a topic of discussion; it has been confirmed that Avalos was killed after his mother and her boyfriend tortured him and beat him to death.

A week before his death, he mentioned he liked boys and girls, so his mother was upset about it. 

The boy was ten years old and was in 4th grade before his demise, and many people took an interest in his news, so it went viral in the year of his death, and it is still trending on the Internet. 

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Read further to know why the news is on trends; this article will include everything you need to learn about Anthony Avalos’s case. 

Anthony Avalos Autopsy Report

It was clear from Avalos’s autopsy that he died because of physical abuse and malnutrition. The boy was tortured for more than a week and hospitalized for some time before passing.

Doctors confirmed that he died because of internal bleeding, and there was a clear sign of abuse in his body. 

During the autopsy, bruises and burns were found on his body. It was confirmed that he was a burden to his mother and her boyfriend, who were living together. 

Anthony Avalos at the hospital before his death on June 2018.
Anthony Avalos at the hospital before his death on June 2018. (Image Source: KERO)

The boy was bitten, and his parents locked him in the bathroom for long hours; he was not mentally or physically ill before his death.

An investigation was held, many examinations were done, and it was confirmed that he did not seem acceptable a week before his demise. 

Teachers mentioned that he was a little off before he passed away; he did not share anything with his friends or teachers.

Avalos was a very active student; he used to get along with every friend of his and was very sweet, as per what has been mentioned by his school member. 

Meet His Parents, Heather Barron And Victor Avalos

Anthony Avalos’ mother, Heather, and his Father, Victor, were separated after his birth, and he was living with his mom and her boyfriend, Kareem Leiva.

His Father never knew about his condition and how his mother abused the child. Victor was not in contact with his baby boy for a long time.

After a lengthy investigation, Barron and Leiva have both been charged with Anthony’s death and have faced first-degree murder. 

The couple might face lifetime prison or at least 30 years of jail. Barron, and her boyfriend, poured hot sauce on the six-year-old boy’s face and mouth and whipped the boy with a looped cord and belt.

Heather Barron and her boyfriend Kareem Leiva sit in Superior Court in Lancaster.
Heather Barron and her boyfriend Kareem Leiva sit in Superior Court in Lancaster. (Image Source: Los Angeles Times)

They held him upside-down and repeatedly dropped him on his head, which hurt his head, and he suffered from internal bleeding. 

During a with Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives in June 2018 with his mother’s boyfriend, they suspected some wrong impression and got arrested. 

In an interview, Leiva said he pushed the boy on one occasion and just fell and hurt his head, which might cause internal bleeding. 

But, finally, after almost six years of his death, they were arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

The information about Anthony’s birth dad has not been publicly shared. 

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