Anthony Cipullo Obituary

Anthony Cipullo obituary – a beloved husband, father, and friend. Find out ***** cause and more via this article. 

Anthony P. Cipullo was a devoted husband, father, and sports enthusiast. He cherished fatherhood, coached his children’s sports teams, and was passionate about golf, hockey, and biking.

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He leaves a legacy of generosity, humility, and humour as a fund controller and VP for GID Investment Advisors. His loving family, friends, and community will deeply miss Anthony.

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Anthony Cipullo Obituary And ***** Cause

Anthony P. Cipullo, a beloved figure in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, passed away unexpectedly on July 22, 2023, at the age of 57.

He was a devoted husband, father, brother, son, cousin, uncle, coach, and friend, leaving an indelible impact on those around him.

Sports played a significant role in Anthony’s life, and he had a deep passion for various activities. He was an avid Boston sports fan, faithfully cheering for his favourite teams through every victory and defeat.

Beyond being a fan, he actively participated in sports, finding solace and joy in activities like golf, hockey, and biking.

In particular, he was known for his remarkable dedication to the Pan-Mass Challenge, an annual bike-a-thon that raises funds for cancer research and treatment.

Anthony’s commitment was unparalleled, having completed 27 Pan Mass Challenges and was in the process of training and fundraising for the upcoming event before his untimely passing.

Anthony Cipullo Obituary
Beloved Anthony Cipullo, 57, died unexpectedly on July 22, 2023. (Image Source: The Art of Condolence)

Professionally, Anthony had a successful and rewarding career as a fund controller and vice president at GID Investment Advisors, where he dedicated over 22 years of service.

He was highly respected among his colleagues for his expertise, work ethic, and genuine kindness. His contributions to the company and the financial industry will be remembered by those he worked with.

Beyond his professional achievements, Anthony will be cherished for his warm personality, generous spirit, and infectious sense of humour.

He had the unique ability to bring joy to any room he entered, leaving a lasting impression on everyone he encountered.

Anthony Cipullo Family Mourns The Loss 

The passing of Anthony has left his beloved family and community in South Weymouth, Massachusetts, mourning the loss of a cherished husband, father, brother, son, cousin, uncle, coach, and friend.

To his family, Anthony was the cornerstone of love and support. As a devoted husband, he shared a deep and unbreakable bond with his wife, Ann H. (Holland) Cipullo, and their three children, Joseph, John, and Mary.

He revelled in the joys of parenthood, actively engaging in their lives and taking pride in being there for every milestone, victory, and challenge they encountered.

Anthony Cipullo Obituary
Family mourns the loss of beloved Anthony Cipullo. (Image Source: Freepik)

Anthony’s commitment extended beyond his immediate family; he valued the connections with his extended family, including his brother, Edward L. Cipullo, Jr., and his wife, Hilary M., as well as his stepmother, Claudia Cipullo.

He treasured the time spent with his in-laws, Michael and Margaret Holland, and his numerous brothers- and sisters-in-law – Maureen O’Brien, Michelle Kelly, Michael Holland, John Holland, Paul Holland, Joseph Holland, Elizabeth Lievi, and Brian Holland.

Cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends were all part of his extensive network of love and support.

As the family mourns their beloved Anthony, the outpouring of love and support from the community stands as a testament to the profound impact he made during his time with us.

Though the pain of loss is heavy, the memories of his love, kindness, and joyful spirit will remain etched in the hearts of those who hold him dear.

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