Anthony Duran Death Cause

This article will detail the recent news regarding Anthony Duran death cause. 

The police possess security footage and have gathered statements from 35 individuals at the location during the altercation with Anthony. 

Merced law enforcement stated that at approximately 5 p.m., Anthony Duran was discovered unconscious at the Rockin’ Jump establishment.

Individuals are interested in obtaining further information regarding the incident where a 10-year-old child passed away in the presence of 35 people. Please continue reading to acquire more details regarding the occurrence.

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Anthony Duran Death Cause

Anthony Duran death cause has been the top discussed topic after it was revealed that he passed away following an altercation at a trampoline park in Merced.

On April 13, the Merced Police Department was informed of the death of Anthony Duran, which resulted from a brief fight at Rockin’ Jump.

Witnesses reported that Duran was playing basketball at the park when he engaged in a physical altercation with another child, which led to his collapse. The other child involved in the fight fled the scene.

Merced Police Department relesed the information regarding 10-year-old Anthony Duran passing.
Merced Police Department released the information regarding 10-year-old Anthony Duran’s passing. (Image Source: Facebook)

Police reported that after he was found unconscious at the scene, they sent him to a local hospital, where he was getting medical attention. But unfortunately, he couldn’t also survive after treatment. 

The child’s death has been disclosed due to a physical altercation with another child his age at the trampoline park. The identity of the child who was involved in the fight has not yet been disclosed.

It is speculated that the incident was accidental, and the child who engaged in the physical altercation with Anthony might not face any punishment due to their young age of 10 years old.

Still, Police are trying to learn detailed information about the case, and they took the help of all the people at the park during the incident. 

Anthony Duran 10-Years-Boy Died Injury From Jump.

Eyewitnesses reported to the police that Anthony Duran engaged in a short altercation with the other juvenile while playing basketball inside the trampoline park, as per The Fresno Bee.

As a result of the altercation, Duran fell to the ground, and the other juvenile fled from the scene on foot. 

Bystanders at the scene administered CPR to Anthony Duran until emergency responders arrived, as per KFSN-TV. Duran was transported to a nearby hospital but succumbed to his injuries.

The Merced County Coroner’s Office is conducting an autopsy to determine the cause of Anthony Duran’s death, as per KFSN.

A 10-year-old boy has passed away due to injuries sustained in a fight at a trampoline park.
A 10-year-old boy has passed away due to injuries sustained in a fight at a trampoline park. (Image Source: ABC7 Chicago)

The Merced County District Attorney’s Office will investigate and decide if any charges will be filed as the police continue their investigation. 

The incident occurred on April 12 at the Rockin’ Jump trampoline park in Merced, California, and police were notified of the child’s death on April 18.

The Merced Police Department is working with the Merced County District Attorney to review the case and decide if any charges will be filed concerning the incident. As the investigation progresses, more information is likely to be released.

In the meantime, a GoFundMe page for Anthony’s family has been set up to assist during this challenging period. The GoFundMe was created to help the family cover the costs of funeral and medical expenses. 

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