Anthony Miranda Shot In Head

Anthony Miranda shot in head, and people want to know more about this case. Man detained without bail in connection with a fatal shooting in Fall River.

Anthony Miranda, 36, of New Bedford, was detained without bond for his alleged involvement in the shooting over the weekend.

The manslaughter of 45-year-old Jose Roberto Zelaya Miranda has been charged.

In addition, he faces charges of carrying an illegal firearm while loaded, assault and battery by discharge of a gun, assault, & battery with a dangerous weapon, and having an unlawful firearm.

Miranda, 42-year-old Luis Colon-Delgado, and 23-year-old Jose Pagan, according to the Police, were involved in a bar brawl that began inside the Riverside Sports Bar and Restaurant on Rodman Street.

According to the prosecution, Zelaya attempted to assist a bouncer in breaking up the brawl after it moved outside, when the three men allegedly attacked him.

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Anthony Miranda Shot In Head- Eye Injury Details

Anthony Miranda Shot In Head. When he attempted to rob an ultimate fighting champion on Friday night on the Southwest Side, a convicted felon made the wrong choice and ended up with two black eyes and a gunshot wound to the ankle.

Around 11:30 pm, according to Police, Anthony Miranda, 24, approached a parked automobile between 55th and Kenneth and requested a lighter from the driver.

“Justin” is 6 feet 2 inches tall, 250 pounds, and has a physique capable of tearing open a suit jacket with a particularly forceful sneeze.

Anthony Miranda Shot In Head
Anthony Miranda Shot In Head. (Source: CBS News)

The mixed martial artist from Des Plaines, however, argues that his “training,” not brute force, enabled him to take a loaded revolver from the hand of an alleged mugger with the weapon pointed at his chest on Friday night on the Southwest Side.

Without revealing his last name, Justin said, “I don’t feel like a hero.” “Training is crucial. You have a chance to survive if you’re well-trained.

There is no denying who prevailed in the fight based on Justin’s flawless, sculpted face in contrast to Anthony Miranda’s damaged and scarred one.

What Happened To Him?

Following a hearing at the 26th and California courthouse on Sunday, Miranda, a 24-year-old felon, was ordered held on a $350,000 bond.

In connection with the alleged assault, he is accused of aggravated firearm discharge and armed robbery. According to the Police, Miranda shot himself in the ankle while fumbling with the gun.

Justin, who claims to be from Romania, was excited to talk about the incident, which he claimed occurred as he waited in his parked car for a friend to arrive at about 11:30 pm.

No photos would be taken during this interview, not even one of Justin’s torso; Justin made it clear.

Justin claimed that Miranda had first approached him and requested permission to use his light for a cigarette. In response, Justin said he does not smoke.

Anthony Miranda Shot In Head
Mugger picks wrong victim. (Source: Youtube)

Justin claimed that Miranda then took a revolver from her purse and pressed it on his head.

Justin claimed that Miranda was unsatisfied after giving Miranda the $30 in cash she had hidden in his car’s cup holder.

Justin claimed that Miranda then told him to get out of the vehicle.

According to Justin, he was confident the man standing in front of him with a weapon aimed at his chest was about to be shot.

Then Justin showed a reporter the quick, relatively successful move that had taken out his assailant. Until the cops arrived, Justin held his assailant collared.

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