Apekz Real Name

What is Apekz real name? Get to know about Apekz, a topic to discuss via this article.

Apekz is a rapper, songwriter, and Battle Emcee from Valenzuela, a city in the Philippines. 

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As people from the Philippines have their language, he often releases songs in his mother tongue. 

So, many people have yet to learn about him, although he is well-known in his country. Also, while researching, you will find out about him in Spanish. 

Although there has always been very little information about the rapper, we will include everything you need to know about him. 

Apekz Real Name Is Mark Anthony Cadiente

Apekz is a rapper and a Battle Emcee, and his real name is Mark Anthony Cadiente. Anthony Cadiente mostly goes with Apekz in the music industry.

People barely know his real name. You can find him on Youtube more often than on other social media.

He has a channel named Apekz with 174K subscribers; most of his subscribers are from Spain. 

His most recent video was five months ago, Righteous One feat. Apekz & Jay Moe. You can connect with his Youtube channel for more information about his songs and release. 

Anthony Cadiente Youtube account goes by Apekz. Also, you can find him on Youtube as a Battle Emcee.

People often know him through his Battling program and his rap on Youtube. He has followers and fans who seem more interested in rap battles than other music. 

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Mark Anthony Cadiente, Wife And Kids

Anthony Cadiente is not yet married but has been in a romantic relationship for some time. 

Christine Claire Fuentebella Elnas is the girlfriend of rapper Cadiente; he often shared pictures of them on Instagram and Twitter.

Apeakz shared a picture with his girlfriend with a caption, BALIversary.
Apeakz shared a picture with his girlfriend with the caption, BALIversary. (Source: Instagram)

Cadiente is not only active on Youtube for his rapping video, but he also uses it for vlogging.

He often involved his girlfriend in his YouTube video. The couple has officially dated for a long time; they often seem to be together publicly.

Their relationship was public since they started dating, and his girlfriend often uploaded pictures of them together.

When the rapper is involved in the battle, his girlfriend, Christine Claire Fuentebella Elnas, is always present to support him.

Fuentebella Elnas and Anthony Cadiente share a great relationship and support each other; they will probably get married soon.

Talking about his kid’s detail, the couple shares children now. 

Apekz Net Worth Details 

Apekz is a well-known YouTuber and rapper who seems to be involved in rapping more often.

So, people seem curious to know the rapper’s earnings and net worth. He has been on Youtube since 2012.

A video by FlipTop of rap battle, Sinio VS Apekz.
A video by FlipTop of a rap battle, Sinio VS Apekz. (Source: YouTube)

According to the Sources, his current net worth is between $ 11K – $ 66.1K. 

His earnings from Youtube are based on the views and support he gets from the Audience. So, his payments might sometimes be high, sometimes less with his thoughts.

Additionally, he has not publicly shared much information about his earnings from his Youtube.

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