April Jones parents

April Jones parents are still grieving the loss of their daughter. April Jones’s slain Father forgets she died from a rare brain virus, forcing her mother to endure the pain.

Tonight, a new documentary series on Channel 4 will examine the kidnapping and sad disappearance of five-year-old April Jones.

The three-part program will examine April’s disappearance from her Wales home ten years ago.

She hasn’t been found yet, even though the tragedy rocked the country and made national news while searching for her body.

On October 1, 2012, April vanished after being observed getting into a car near her Machynlleth House. Be with us and learn more about April Jones Parents.

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April Jones Parents Are Still Grieving The Loss of Her

After being diagnosed with a rare brain disease, April Jones’ bereaved Father has forgotten about the brutal murder of his daughter.

Paul Jones, 49, needed to be reminded of the tragic death of their beloved daughter by his wife. April, age 5, was abducted and killed in 2012.

Coral, the 46-year-old wife, cried and stated, “How much more can my family take?” Coral has expressed her sadness at her husband’s memory loss.

April Jones parents
April Jones parents near her grave. (Source: The Mirror)

Paul was baffled as to why the child had not visited him in the hospital. Paul sobbed when Coral brought the news that their beloved daughter had died.

Paul has lost most of his memories and is unaware of the night April was kidnapped and killed by the villainous Mark Bridger while playing with her bike.

Coral, 46, was forced to deliver the heartbreaking news after realizing his daughter was in a family photo but not knowing who she was.

The distraught mother described how Paul initially had trouble remembering who April was but eventually had to answer the issue of why she hadn’t come to visit him.

April Jones Parents remembered the terrible news but withheld the worst information about the case.

Murder of April Jones

Paul Jones had to be informed of his daughter’s death again six years after she was kidnapped and killed by pedophile Mark Bridger.

According to reports, illness has erased much of his recollection of the past ten years.

The Jones family’s lives were irrevocably changed ten years ago when their 5-year-old daughter, April Jones, vanished one October evening in the small Welsh town of Machynlleth.

April Jones parents
April Jones family. (Source: North Wales Lives)

As the news spread, the neighborhood came together to launch a search for the missing youngster. It soon became apparent that she had been kidnapped by a man operating a light-colored van with a left-hand drive.

A resident and former soldier called Mark Bridger was eventually detained and accused of kidnapping and killing April due to two witness accounts.

What Happened to April Jones Killer? 

Mark Bridger was charged with kidnapping a child, murder, and attempting to pervert the course of justice when DNA evidence was discovered at his residence, even though nobody had been found.

On October 8, he was charged with unlawful concealment and disposal of a body when he appeared in court in Aberystwyth.

Bridger admitted that he was “probably responsible” for April Jones’ death even though he pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder.

Due to heavy drinking, he said he could not recall what he did with her body after he ran her over.

April Jones parents
April Jones before her murder. (Source: Wales Online)

Bridger was found guilty of kidnapping, killing, and perverting the course of justice on May 30, 2013, and was given a life sentence with a whole life order.

Although her body was never located, 17 pieces of bone were found in Bridger’s cottage’s fireplace.

Bridger is still being held at Manchester’s Strangeways prison, where he admitted to a prison chaplain that he had dumped April’s body in a local river.

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