Arabelle Dela Cruz Parent

Arabelle Dela Cruz parents, Isabella and Arnulfe Dela Cruz, are mysterious and hardly ever appear in the media. Their daughter Arabelle has their full support. 

Among the top five grand finalists of the second season of the Filipino program, Tawang Ng Tanghalan is Arabelle Dela Cruz.

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She has written several songs, like Hwang ka nang umalis, and is a well-known singer in the Philippines.

Cruz has advanced to the finals of The Clash 23, a renowned Filipino program.

Who Are Arabelle Della Cruz Parents?

Arabelle Dela Cruz’s parents welcomed her into the world in 2001, making her [calculate_years datestring= “00/00/2001”] years old as of [current-year].

The up-and-coming singer comes from the Filipino province of Laguna, which is part of the Calabarzon area on the island of Luzon.

Arabelle is one of the 30 contestants competing in The Clash 2023, a GMA Network-produced reality talent competition show in the Philippines.

Arabelle Dela Cruz
Arabelle dela cruz in The clash 2023 (source: Instagram)

The winner of The Clash is awarded a home and lot, a brand-new automobile, a million pesos, and an exclusive management deal with GMA Network.

Arabelle believes now is the perfect opportunity for her to showcase her ability on the show.

She describes herself as determined, passionate, family-oriented, eager, and adventurous in an interview taken by The Clash 2023.

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Arabelle Dela Cruz Parents

Isabelle and Arnulfe Dela Cruz are Arabelle Dela Cruz parents. They have a lovely girl who works really hard and is very passionate about what she does.

Arabelle Dela Cruz Parents are from Laguna, Philippines. The ethnic group they belong to is Filipinos.

The parents of Arabelle Dela Cruz are immensely proud of Arabelle. When Arabelle was participating in the program, they once appeared in the Tawang Ng Tanghalan interview.

Tawag ng Tanghalan, often known as “Call of the Stage” or simply “TNT,” is a Filipino amateur singing competition that is presently aired as a feature of It’s Showtime on ABS-CBN.

During the interview, they came off as modest, helpful, kind, and kindhearted. They appeared to be really delighted with Arabelle’s success and popularity and were quite proud of her.

Arabelle Dela Cruz Parent
Arabelle Dela Cruz celebrating the new year with her family (source: instagram)

Also, Arabelle values her family and does whatever she can to help them.

Arabelle Dela Cruz’s parents are quiet, introverted people, much like many famous people’s parents, and they dislike being in the media.

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How Much Is Arabelle Dela Cruz Net Worth?

Arabelle Dela Cruz has not yet revealed an estimate of her net worth; therefore, her financial information is not public.

Spotify and YouTube both have a lot of streams for Arabelle’s tracks. She also makes a good living from these streams.

Depending on how many streams they obtain from platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and others, some musicians base all their financial decisions. Some expand their horizons by selling CDs and other products, performing live, or advertising products.

The Clash (2018), TiktoClock (2019), and Bakit lahat ng gwapo may boyfriend?! (2016) are works by Arabelle Dela Cruz (2022).

Arabelle may be found on Instagram as @arabelledelacruzm. She has accumulated 307 Instagram postings and 68.9k followers.

The Filipino social media celebrity Arabelle has amassed fame and wealth even at a young age. We can only hope that she will continue to succeed more in the days to come.

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