Arancha Morales wikipedia

Arancha Morales is a well-known Spanish television personality who presents the morning news on News Telecinco. She ventured into her broadcasting career several years ago.

During her long and illustrious career, the Journalist has garnered considerable fame. In addition, she also has a huge fanbase.

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You might know that the news reporter is pregnant and due this month. Arancha’s partner, Jorge Marron, was absent from his program as she was hospitalized.

As a result, there has been significant curiosity about Arancha’s personal and professional life. Here is everything we know about the Spanish TV personality.

Arancha Morales Wikipedia And Edad

Arancha Morales was born on 4 September 1979. Thus, as of 2024, the Spanish Journalist is 44 years old.

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As mentioned above, Morales is a prominent news presenter in her country. She holds a degree in Information Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid. Moreover, Arancha also earned her master’s degree in International Relations from the same University.

Arancha Morales wikipedia
Arancha Morales with her boyfriend, Jorge Maron. (Image Source: Yahoo)

She presented the early morning news on Telecinco – with co-presenters Laila JimĂ©nez and Leticia Iglesias. Arancha began presenting news on the network after Isabel Jimenez’s maternity leave and succeeded Alba Lago on the program.

Her professional career reportedly has a solid link to Mediaset. Regarding her family and background, there is very little information available.

Arancha Morales Personal Life: Marido And Hijos

Arancha has been happily dating Jorge Marron since 2018. The lovebirds are yet to walk down the aisle. When they first started dating, the couple hesitated to be seen together, even at celebrity weddings.

But as the couple has gained popularity, it has been possible to witness the public displays of affection that the media and social media claim to feature.

Furthermore, the lovely duo is on cloud nine. The presenter of Informativos Telecinco and her beau – the collaborator of El Hormiguero – will welcome their first child together within two weeks.

As reported by Hola magazine – which also gave scoop when Arancha passed the middle of her pregnancy last year – the couple will enter into parenthood this month. The adorable couple, already parents of their two pets – Chunga and Cooper – are counting the days of the last two weeks of pregnancy.

“We are in the final stretch. I continue to work and get up early and lead a normal life, Arancha said in an interview. “We live it with great enthusiasm, both Jorge and I and the rest of the family,” the soon-to-be mother said.

She also posted a photo on her Instagram showing the bulging baby bump and said, “Grateful for my body, which I haven’t always loved because it’s given me the ability to create a life while living my own.”

Arancha Morales wikipedia
Arancha Morales is showing her baby bump. (Image Source: Instagram)

“Without discomfort, agony, or exhaustion, but with the usual restrictions. Enabling me to maintain my positive mood and enjoyment both at work and outside of it,” she added.

The baby has not arrived yet but is on the way. The news presenter was taken to hospital and was dilating this morning.

Who Is Arancha Morales Boyfriend, Jorge Marron?

Jorge Marron, 44, is a Castilian-Manchego comedian and collaborator of El Hormiguero.

Marron has been working at “El Hormiguero” since 2006. It is the most popular entertainment program and a familiar face on small screens.

He is one of the select few team members who travel with Pablo Motos daily during the program. He will likely take a well-earned break to care for his little child and support his spouse during his recovery.

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