Paul Blinkhorn Illness

There has been significant concern about archaeologist Paul Blinkhorn illness and health. Many of his fans are concerned about his health and wonder if he has Cancer.

Paul Blinkhorn is a pottery expert, presenter, and motorbike lover enthusiast from the United Kingdom.

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The archaeologist is best known for appearing on TV programs, including Time Team, Pub Dig, and Michael Wood’s Story of England.

He also serves as a guest lecturer at numerous universities, where he teaches Anglo-Saxon archaeology, medieval pottery technologies, and archaeology and media.

The renowned archaeologist has a passion for Belgian beer, rugby league, and music. Because of his aptitude for distinguishing pottery fragments from various eras and geographical locations, he is frequently referred to as the “pot monkey.”

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Archaeologist Paul Blinkhorn Illness And Health 2023: Disease And Cancer Update

Paul Blinkhorn is in good health now. However, in September 2022, the renowned archaeologist revealed he was diagnosed with throat cancer five years ago.

Whenever Paul takes time off from the show Time Team, his fans get worried about him.

Paul Blinkhorn Illness
Paul Blinkhorn suffered from throat Cancer in the past, but he is fine now. (Image Source: Facebook)

Radiotherapy didn’t affect his condition much, so he underwent major surgery and had a tracheotomy. As a result, his vocal cords were removed.

Consequently, the pottery expert now has a mechanical voice, which is basically a valve and reed embedded in the wall of his throat and operated by a button.

“Technically speaking, I am now part-Saxophone. Anyhoo, other than sounding like a Dalek. Otherwise, I am fine,” wrote Paul.

Whenever Paul takes time off the show Time Team, his fans get worried about his health condition. For now, he is fine and doing well.

He might be drinking beer, sitting in wheelbarrows, riding his bike and giving diggers withering looks when they hand me crumb-sized pieces of pottery and want a date on them. So business as usual.

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Paul Blinkhorn Career Explored

Paul Blinkhorn is one of the best-known post-Roman pottery specialists.

Having earned his degree in archaeological sciences from Bradford University in the early eighties, he has been involved in the field for over four decades.

The Northampton-based pottery expert has an extensive experience in the analysis of medieval, post-medieval, and Anglo-Saxon pottery.

Paul was born and raised in Whiston, Merseyside. He went on his first dig as a teenager during a vacation with his parents.

Paul Blinkhorn Illness
Paul Blinkhorn has over four decades of experience in archaeology and pottery analysis. (Image Source: YouTube)

After completing his studies, he began working for several commercial archaeology organizations in 1983, specializing in ceramic analyses.

He transitioned to freelancing in 1988, the same year he made his debut with the Time Team at the live shoot in Bawsey.

His area of expertise in Anglo-Saxon, medieval and post-medieval pottery includes Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cheshire, Cambridgeshire, Dorset and many others.

Paul has also published a number of reports related to Iron Age pottery from Buckinghamshire Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk, and Warwickshire, Northamptonshire.

He said no assignment is too small or large for him to produce high-quality studies on ceramic assemblages of any size from any of these regions at a very affordable price.

He works with clients at all different levels, from private individuals and small communities to large corporations and large-scale research initiatives.

Nonetheless, the renowned archaeologist Paul Blinkhorn is healthy and doing what he loves and is best at. We wish the pottery expert a long and healthy life.

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