Are Damien Harris And Kevin Harris Related

Are Damien Harris and Kevin Harris related? No, they don’t have blood relations. Instead, the two footballers are now teammates.

Both Damien Harris and Kevin Harris are talented football players. The New England Patriots selected Damien Harris in the 2019 NFL Draft. Since then, the University of Alabama graduate has played for the team as a running back.

Likewise, Kevin Harris also plays as the Football running back for the Patriots. The team drafted the South Carolina graduate in the 2022 NFL Draft in the sixth round, 183rd overall.

People often ask if the players are related, given their same family name and shared love for sports. So, are Damien Harris and Kevin Harris related? Find it out below!

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Are Damien Harris And Kevin Harris Related?

Damien Harris is not related to Kevin Harris. However, they are now teammates. They became teammates after Kevin Harris’ draft in August of this year.

As a result, Kevin Harris became the second Harris in the New England Patriots running back room, joining feature back Damien Harris. People might also wonder if the two footballers are brothers, looking at their same last name.

Apart from their shared professional career, the two footballers don’t have any blood relation. While Damien was born in Richmond, Kentucky, Kevin was born in Hinesville, Georgia.

Damien Harris And Kevin Harris Family Tree

Damien Harris was born on 11 February 1997 to his mother, Lynn Harris, and his father, whose name is unknown.

The 25-year-old footballer thanks his mom for his success. In an interview with BamaOnLine, he disclosed that his mom taught him that whatever he wished and put his mind to, he could achieve it.

Growing up, they didn’t have the best situation, but Lynn always found a way to provide the best for Demien.

The Kentucky native further added, “so, just from all the lessons I’ve learned from her — I could stand up here and talk about it all day. But she’s helped me be who I am; I obviously would not be here today without her.”

Furthermore, the Patriots running back Damien has been dating a beautiful lady, Kayla McCarthy. Damien Harris’ girlfriend holds a degree in finance and business law from Boston University.

Are Damien Harris And Kevin Harris Related
Both Damien Harris And Kevin Harris play for the New England Patriots. (Image Source: Damien’s Instagram and Kevin’s Instagram)

Although the pair have not officially confirmed their union, Kayla often motivates her beau through social media posts and stories.

On the other hand, Kevin Harris was welcomed by his parents on 17 November 2000. There is not much known about his dad and mom. Regardless, it is safe to assume that they have been the backbone of Kevin’s career.

Growing up in Hinesville, Georgia, Kevin went to Bradwell Institute and was named the Georgia Region 2-6A Player of the Year.

As for his love life, Kevin doesn’t seem to be dating anyone currently.

Damien Harris & Kevin Harris Net Worth Difference And Career Earnings

Damien Harris started his professional football career in 2019. Similarly, Kevin Harris joined the professional team a few months ago.

The Kentucky native signed a four-year contract worth $3,631,136 with the Patriots, including a $907,784 annual salary. His total career earnings are reported to be $3,948,750 as of 2022.

Moreover, Kevin Harris agreed to one year contract worth $705,000 with the New England Patriots. His total career earnings are $769,023.

As both players are in the early stage of their careers, their net worth will undoubtedly increase significantly in the upcoming days.

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