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Fans are curious to know more about Marquise Brown Teeth as he is the NFL wide receiver Who plays for the Arizona Cardinals in American football.

The Baltimore Ravens selected him during the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft after playing college football at College of the Canyons and Oklahoma.

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Brown reapplied to College of the Canyons for the 2016 season after receiving scholarship rejections from Division 1 institutions.

Brown began working at Six Flags Magic Mountain to save money because athletic scholarships are not offered at California Junior Colleges.

Brown received many Division 1 scholarship offers after a year at College of the Canyons, choosing to attend Oklahoma.

Brown earned a team-high 1,095 receiving yards in his debut season at Oklahoma, starting all thirteen games and moving up to the eighth-most receiver in single-season yards in history.

Additionally, he set an Oklahoma record for receiving yards in a single match with 265 yards versus Oklahoma State.

Brown declared for the 2019 NFL Draft on January 2, 2019, saying Brown would forgo his last year of eligibility.

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Are Marquise Brown Teeth Actually Real Gold? 

Marquise has not yet confirmed if his teeth are genuine gold or fake, as he seems to be a little secretive regarding the matter.

However, looking at the pictures of his teeth, it seems to be real gold, as he can buy himself whatever he desires.

Additionally, the athlete enjoys spending money on dressing and appearance, frequently sharing pictures of his branded clothes, expensive outfits, and others on his social media.

Marquise Brown teeth
Marquise Brown’s teeth seem to be made of real gold. (Source: Gannett CDN)

Hence, Marquise Brown’s Teeth might be Real Gold as the wealthy athlete does not look like a person who would put on a fake set of golden teeth just to show off to the world.

However, Marquise himself has not confirmed any of the news regarding Marquise Brown’s Teeth, so not much valid information was found on the internet.

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Marquise Brown Net Worth 2024

Marquise seems a little secretive regarding his personal information, like his net worth, as he has not revealed any information regarding the matter.

According to Media Referee, he has an estimated net worth of over $5 million as of 2024. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by the athlete himself.

Marquise Brown quickly increased his wealth thanks to the sponsorship he received from a few powerful companies. Brown’s wealth will grow linearly as a result of his on-field success.

Marquise Brown
Marquise Brown playing in a casino with Kyler Murray. (Source: Instagram)

Adidas, a major player in the sports industry, is working with Marquise Brown. He is interested in sports, and Call of Duty has endorsed him.

The 25-year-old is sponsored by brands like Madden NFL 21, Old Spice, JC Penney, Snickers, and Gillette. He has secured sponsors who are both well-known and wealthy.

Marquise likes to spend his money like a king, as the athlete has posted many pictures flexing his hard-earned money.

He frequently shares pictures of his expensive outfits, luxurious cars, and many other images showing his wealth.

He goes by the handle @primetime_jet and has over 600k followers. He seems reasonably active there, as he posts pictures and reels frequently and keeps his profile updated.

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