Jadon Haselwood

Jadon Haselwood is an American football player who currently plays for Oklahoma sooner and has been showing his incredible performances.

Arkansas Razorbacks are the intercollegiate athletics teams representing the University of Arkansas. It is also known as the Hogs.

Jadon is a wide receiver for the team Oklahoma Sooners. He started his football career at a young age.

Jadon Haselwood Parents: Who Are Courtney And Jeremy Haselwood?

Jadon Haselwood’s parents are Courtney and Jeremy Haselwood. Jadon’s parents reside in Georgia. The footballer comes from a large family that includes his father, mother, grandparents, aunt, and cousins.

Jadon Haselwood’s mother has done surgery for her injury. Even after surgery, she came to attend Jadon’s game in the Peach Bowl.

Jadon Haselwood
Former OU receiver Jadon Haselwood announces transfer to Arkansas
source: WholeHogSports

His mother has been the inspiration for Jodan’s career. Not only his mother, but he also has a supportive father. Jeremy always encourages his son, Jadon, in his football career.

Haselwood’s parents seem to love him and are very proud of him. They have always been supportive and motivated him in football.

Besides, he must be grateful to his parents for their support and love. Though his parents don’t share much information about them, we can see how supportive they are of Jodan.

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Arkansas Razorbacks: Who Is Jadon Haselwood?

Arkansas Razorbacks ( The Hogs) are the athletes of the University of Arkansas, located in Fayetteville. The University of Arkansas fields a total of 19 varsity sports teams to compete at the Division I level of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (football’s Football Bowl Subdivision) (SEC)

Jadon Haselwood
Jadon Haselwood Announces His Transfer Destination
source: sports illustrated

Jadon Haselwood is one of the members of the Arkansas Razorbacks (The Hogs). Haselwood was the No.1-ranked high school receiver and the No.4 overall player.

He got a knee injury in April 2020 while training at home during a pandemic that prevented him from playing, losing several crucial matches.

Haselwood had played for two seasons for the Oklahoma Sooners. His last performance was not incredible, but he has come back in the season 2021 as a co-star raising hopes for Oklahoma.

Jadon Haselwood Age And Height: How Young And Tall Is The Player?

He was born in Ellenwood, Georgia, in the United States. Jadon has not revealed his age, but according to his pictures available, we can assume that he must be in his early 20s as many college students are 20-25 years old.

Jadon Haselwood
Jadon Haselwood Returned From Injury
source: crimson and cream machine

His height is 6ft and 3 inches. He has an athletic body & weighs around 202lbs. An athlete needs to be in perfect shape and healthy to compete.

The Sooner fan has high expectations from him in his next match. He is a wide receiver for the team Oklahoma Sooners.

In 2019, he played 13 games out of 14 games during his career at University. In 2020, his stat was four receptions, 65 yards, 33 long receptions, and zero touchdowns.

Jadon Haselwood Wikipedia

We cannot find Jadon Haselwood on Wikipedia as of now, but we can expect to see him on it soon. The Arkansas Razorbacks wide receiver is actively available on social media platforms, as we can see him sharing his achievements on Twitter and pictures on Instagram.

Jadon Haselwood
Jadon Haselwood is on the field, ready to achieve more success
source: Twitter

Haselwood has inspired many people through his journey, and many people take him as an example in their life. Jadon has 28.4k followers on his Twitter account and 80.2k followers on Instagram. 

After completing high school, he enrolled in Oklahoma University and has been playing for its college team since then.

The 6 feet 3 inches wide receiver started his football career in high school and has been playing on his college team named Arkansas Razorbacks.

As of now, it seems he is single, and his social media accounts have not shared any information about his partner.

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