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Arne Bybjerg was a millionaire who earned his riches by producing “Carmen Curlers,” which was invented by Niels Chr. Jørgensen.

The entrepreneur is best known as the creator of Carmen Curlers, an electric papillote that gained popularity worldwide.

Arne Bybjerg Wikipedia

Sadly, the millionaire did not have his own Wikipedia page at the time of his passing. However, we know that Arne Bybjerg grew up in poverty and opened a radio business in Kalundborg.

Arne Bybjerg
Fabrikant Arne Bybjerg med Carmen Curlers.(Source: Berlingske)

He was the driving force behind a Danish industrial enterprise that made him a fortune when he sold to American investors and produced hundreds of employment in Kalundborg.

Niels Christian Jorgensen created Carmen Curlers, a contemporary alternative to curlers, and Arne Bybjerg Pedersen began manufacturing them in 1963.

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In contrast to conventional papillotes, Carmen Curlers featured a metal core that was heated in a specific box with heating rods that matched the various sizes of papillotes.

He was looking for an idea that had the potential to be very successful when he came across a newspaper advertisement for a hairdresser seeking funding to create an electrically heated papillote for curling women’s hair.

They made the invention practical along with engineer Niels Christian Jorgensen. Women could save money by curling their hair at home thanks to the product rather than going to the hairdresser.

Consequently, if the women purchased the cute little set of curlers that could be heated electrically, they would be better able to keep up with the current trend.

Arne Bybjerg Age: How Old Is The Millionaire?

Arne was born in 1928, but his exact date of birth is not revealed to the public yet. Sadly, the millionaire passed away in the November of 2022 at the age of 94.

Arne was a little secretive regarding his details, as he had not shared any information about his birthdate, place, or childhood with the public. The only thing we know about his childhood is that he was poor.

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Nonetheless, the millionaire left a legacy and a lot of money for his family from his hard work when he was alive.

Arne Bybjerg Familie

Sadly, there is no information about Arne’s parents, as the millionaire had not shared any information about them with the public.

Arne Bybjerg wife Lotte
Arne Bybjerg with his wife Lisa Lotte. (Source:

Nevertheless, Arne was happily married to his wife, Lotte. Sadly, the date of their marriage was not revealed to the public.

Additionally, the couple was blessed with four sons and 11 grandchildren, but further information about them was unavailable on the internet.

Arne Bybjerg Net Worth 2023

Arne had yet to reveal his exact net worth to the public, but according to various sources, his estimated net worth is over $10 million. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by the officials.

In the 1960s, Arne Bybjerg Pedersen amassed a million dollars, acquired a private plane, a Rolls-Royce, and a private driver, and he partied with the Danish political and entertainment elite.

It is a business adventure, the subject of a sizable published series that DR is running under the same name.

The dynamic businessman Axel, played by Actor Morten Hee Andersen, continues the entrepreneurial exploits of Arne Bybjerg Pedersen.

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Arne Bybjerg Pedersen lamented having to hand up business control to Americans in 1969. However, the timing could have been better because the hairstyle was modified, and the product’s demand decreased.

Arne Bybjerg Pedersen first relocated to Switzerland for tax reasons before moving to Australia and buying several cattle stations. He lost a significant amount of money when cattle prices fell.

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