Arun Yogiraj Wife

Get to know Arun Yogiraj wife and her perspective on the sculptor’s dedication and achievements.

Arun Yogiraj is a highly acclaimed sculptor from a family with a rich legacy in the craft, spanning five generations.

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Despite earning an MBA, Yogiraj chose to follow his passion for sculpting, creating masterpieces that earned recognition from Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

His dedication is evident in his commitment to projects, including the recent idol of Lord Rama for the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, showcasing his expertise and artistic prowess.

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Meet Arun Yogiraj Wife Vijetha Arun Yogiraj

Vijetha Arun Yogiraj is the wife of the highly acclaimed sculptor Arun Yogiraj, who hails from a family with a profound legacy in the art of sculpting.

Vijetha, as the supportive partner to Arun, provides a unique perspective into the life and dedication of the sculptor.

In an exclusive interview, she revealed details about Arun’s daily routine, emphasizing his dedication to his craft.

Arun Yogiraj begins his day at 6:00 AM with exercise, dedicating a minimum of ten hours to sculpting, and often extending his work hours for projects of national importance.

Arun Yogiraj Wife
Arun Yogiraj and Vijetha Arun Yogiraj form a dedicated and supportive couple. (Image Source: Facebook)

The couple’s journey has been marked by Arun’s artistic passion and dedication to preserving the family’s sculpting legacy.

Vijetha and their two children stayed in Mysore while Arun devoted six months in Ayodhya to meticulously sculpt the idol of Lord Rama for the Ayodhya Ram Mandir.

Vijetha expressed the family’s joy and anticipation surrounding the recognition of Arun’s idol for the Ayodhya Temple, considering it a “dream come true.”

She highlighted Arun’s commitment, emphasizing that he creates masterpieces with no room for error, working tirelessly until he finds the essence of Lord Ram in his creations.

Arun Yogiraj Has 2 Kids 

Arun Yogiraj and his wife, Vijetha Mohan, share a family blessed with two children.

Despite limited details available about the kids, their presence undoubtedly adds a profound and joyous dimension to the life of the accomplished sculptor.

As Yogiraj continues to carve his legacy in the world of sculpting, his role as a dedicated father to two children adds a personal touch to his narrative.

Arun Yogiraj Kids
Arun Yogiraj and wife Vijetha Mohan, parents of two, cherish privacy. (Image Source: Facebook)

The family’s privacy is understandably valued, allowing the children to grow away from the public eye.

While the specifics about the kids remain undisclosed, their significance is evident in contributing to the sculptor’s life, striking a balance between artistic pursuits and the warmth of familial bonds. 

Arun Yogiraj Family Details 

Arun Yogiraj, the accomplished sculptor from Mysuru, Karnataka, belongs to a family steeped in a rich legacy of sculpting that spans five generations.

Born into this illustrious lineage, Arun’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in the teachings and skills passed down by his father, Yogiraj, and his grandfather, B Basavanna Shilpi.

His grandfather, patronized by the kings of Mysore, received training from Shilpi Siddanthi Siddalinga Swami, the royal guru of the Mysore palace.

Arun Yogiraj Wife
Arun Yogiraj, the sculptor from Mysuru, inherits a five-generation legacy of sculpting. (Image Source: Facebook)

Yogiraj’s early exposure to sculpting began at the tender age of 11, under the guidance of his father.

Despite briefly venturing into other professional realms, he returned to sculpting in 2008, recognizing his true calling and passion.

The decision was not challenging, as his mother initially had reservations about his departure from a corporate career.

Yogiraj’s family legacy, marked by artistic excellence, royal patronage, and a commitment to nurturing the next generation of sculptors, remains integral to his identity and professional journey.

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