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People are furious to know about Arusha Roo Irvine Wikipedia details. She is a famous British reality TV celebrity and antique hunter who participated in the popular BBC show “Antique Road Trip.”

Arusha Roo Irvine became famous after appearing on the BBC show “Antique Road Trip.” Roo Irvine is a Scot and a BBC Antiques Roadtrip Expert who operates an antique business in Kilcreggan with her husband.

She regularly collaborates with Philip Serrell on the BBC One show Antique Road Trip. She was also featured on the BBC’s Flipping Profit, set to be released in 2008.

She was also appointed as a part of the Hanson Auctioneers team, where she worked as a valuer and specialist for Scotland and the borderlands.

She owns and maintains a website called Kilcreggan Antiques, which sells antiques and collectibles in the shop and on their internet retail website.

In this piece, we will discuss Arusha Roo Irvine’s life, career, marriage, height, net worth, and other facts about her.

Let’s take a quick look at Arusha Roo Irvine Wikipedia details.

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Arusha Roo Irvine Wikipedia: How Old Is She?

Let’s get started on Arusha Roo Irvine Wikipedia details. Her interest in antiques sprang from a family tragedy.

They worked in marketing together, but a significant, heartbreaking shift in their family circumstances a few years ago forced them to take a life hiatus.

When things returned to normal, they opened a modest antique shop in the hamlet, and Paul Laidlaw visited them one day. She was requested to join the team, which is how she became a member.

Arusha Roo Irvine Wikipedia
Talking about Arusha Roo Irvine Wikipedia, she is yet to be mentioned on the platform. (Source: Hello! Magazine)

She became part of Bargain Hunt after being on an Antiques Road trip for two years and was approached by the Bargain Hunt Team and asked if she wanted to join. That’s how she took advantage of the situation.

She mainly collects Georgian glass, although her interests include Art Glass, Jewellery (particularly Mourning Jewellery), and the strange and unique!

Who Is Arusha Roo Irvine Husband? 

Arusha Roo Irvine spouse, antique trader Mark Irvine, is also her husband. On October 14, 2012, the pair married. He owns and operates Kilcreggan Antiques.

Roo and her husband Mark founded Kilcreggan Antiques after they left their top corporate jobs after both of their moms were bereaved within a short period.

They live in Argyll and Bute, on Scotland’s West Coast, near the village of Kilcreggan.

Roo was found after the Antiques Road Trip visited her antique business, Kilcreggan Antiques, in early 2015, and she was invited to join the BBC team of antique experts shortly after.

After eighteen months, Roo became a frequent TV expert, appearing on BBC Antiques Road Trip, Flipping Profit, Bargain Hunt, and Celebrity Antiques Road Trip.

According to her agent, Limelight Celebrity Management Ltd, Roo also writes about antiques for numerous publications, including Scotland Correspondent and other local monthly magazines.

How Much Net Worth Does Arusha Roo Irvine Have?

We will now discuss Arusha Roo Irvine’s net worth. We’d like to clarify that her net worth ranges between $1 and $5 million.

Arusha Irvine, sometimes known as Roo Irvine, is a well-known Scottish vintage hunter, TV presenter, and professional well-known for her BBC antiques Highway Journey.

Arusha Roo Irvine Wikipedia
Roo Irvine is an Antiques Road Trip presenter. (Source: Reality Titbit)

Roo Irvine is a vintage hunter interested in antiques because of her interest in historical periods. She joined the BBC Antiques Road Trip in 2016. Look into Traci Braxton as well.

Roo Irvine’s mother’s name has recently been updated, as has her Father’s. Roo Irvine was reared in Kilcreggan, Scotland, by her Father and mother, and she was born on January 22, 1992, in Kilcreggan, Scotland.

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