Ash Ruscoe Domestic Violence

The allegations of Ash Ruscoe’s domestic violence against Harry Garside have tarnished his reputation as a successful Australian Olympic boxer.

Harry Garside, an Australian Olympic medalist in boxing, has been arrested on allegations of domestic violence upon his return to Sydney from filming the reality TV show “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.” 

According to reports, the NSW Police launched an investigation after receiving complaints about an incident involving a 32-year-old woman. 

As a result, Garside was taken into custody at Sydney International Airport and was later transferred to the Mascot Police Station, where he is currently assisting the Police with their inquiries. 

The details of the incident and the severity of the allegations are not yet clear, but the Police are taking the matter seriously.

Ash Ruscoe Domestic Violence: What Happened To Her?

Australian Olympic boxer Harry Garside has been accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, Ashley Ruscoe, and has been hit with a provisional restraining order. 

Harry and girlfriend
In 2022, Garside and Ash Ruscoe were in attendance at the GQ Men of the Year Awards held at Crown Sydney. (Source:

According to reports, Garside allegedly hit Ruscoe in the head with his elbow, spat in her face, and had a mobile phone dispute at her home in Bellevue Hill, Sydney, on March 1. 

In addition to these allegations, a video has surfaced of Ruscoe discussing a previous violent incident that she had survived, which had inspired her training business, ‘Hit Like A Girl.’

It is not clear if this previous incident involved Garside or if it is unrelated to the current assault allegations. 

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The Police are taking the allegations against Garside seriously, and he must defend himself in court.

Ash Ruscoe Ex-Boyfriend Harry Garside Scandal 

The Harry Garside scandal has attracted significant media attention due to the serious domestic violence allegations made against the Australian Olympic medalist.

Harry Garside, a boxer from Australia, has been taken into custody on accusations of domestic violence. (Source:

Harry Garside is a professional boxer known for his success in the sport. He has represented Australia in international competitions and was a contestant on the reality show “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!” in 2021.

However, his reputation has taken a hit due to the domestic violence allegations made against him by his ex-girlfriend, Ash Ruscoe.

Following his arrest, Garside released a statement denying the allegations made against him. He claimed that the incident resulted from a mutual argument and that he did not intentionally harm Ruscoe.

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He also expressed his regret over the incident and stated that he had sought help to deal with his anger management issues.

Harry Garside Statement: What Did He Say?

Harry Garside released a statement in response to the recent developments in the domestic violence case against him.

Garside expressed his surprise at the conduct of the Police in the presence of the media at Sydney International Airport on Tuesday. He categorically denied the allegations of violence and disputed the account given to the Police.

Garside said he had nothing to hide and would defend himself against the charges. He was confident that his reputation would be vindicated through the legal process. However, he would not be saying anything further because the matter is now before the courts.

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Garside’s statement is significant as it represents his first public response to the charges against him. His statement shows that he is standing firm on his position and intends to fight the charges against him. 

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