Ashley Erin Scoggins

People want to know about Ashley Erin Scoggins. Ashley Erin Scoggins was stabbed, and rumors say that her Ex-Boyfriend, Timothy Prescott Parson, has been arrested.

According to Police, on Tuesday, a man is accused of fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend at a convenience store in Kings Mountain.

Officers from Kings Mountain were dispatched to the Silver Express convenience store at 501 East King Street around 7:45 pm that day.

Officers arrived to find a woman, Ashley Erin Scoggins, 34, who had been stabbed.

Ashley Erin Scoggins Stabbed To Death

Ashley Erin Scoggins was taken to the hospital, where she died shortly after, according to Police.

In the case, investigators identified Timothy Prescott Parson, 37, the woman’s ex-boyfriend, as the suspect.

According to Police, Parson assaulted her inside the store before fleeing in a dark gray Nissan Sentra with the North Carolina license plate JFT-4361.

According to the Kings Mountain Police Department, Parson was arrested on Thursday during a traffic stop near Dixon School Road and Interstate 85.

Tracey Marie Harris, 42, a passenger, was also arrested on suspicion of obstructing justice.

Mugshots were not made available to Parson or Harris right away. Parson was last seen driving the exact Nissan that fled the crime scene.

Ashley Erin Scoggins
Ashley Erin Scoggins was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend. (Source: WBTV )

According to the Shelby Star, Parson appeared in court on Friday. He was released on no bond and a $50,000 bond for assault on a female.

Harris’ bond was increased to $75,000 from $50,000. According to the Shelby Star, Parson cried the entire time he was in court.

Ken Lemon of Channel 9 spoke with Scoggins’ grandmother, who said Scoggins was a mother of two. She stated that Parson is the Father of her 3-year-old daughter.

She claimed they all lived in Gastonia until Scoggins abducted the children and fled in 2021, telling a judge she had been abused.

Lemon discovered Scoggins had been separated from Parson for a year and a half, and she recently told a judge that he had followed her and threatened to kill her.

Ex Boyfriend Timothy Prescott Parson Arrested

Ashley Erin Scoggins ex-boyfriend fatally stabbed a 34-year-old woman inside a convenience store in North Carolina.

The suspect, 37-year-old Timothy Prescott Parson, is wanted by the Kings Mountain Police Department.

According to WSOC, Ashley Erin Scoggins was stabbed on Tuesday night inside the Silver Express shop on East King Street.

Around 7:45 pm, officers arrived and discovered Scoggins bleeding from stab wounds. The woman was taken to the hospital quickly but died from her injuries.

The victim’s family disclosed that she was the mother of a 3-year-old girl and an 11-year-old son. Nancy Costner, Scoggins’ grandmother, identified Parson as the Father of the younger kid.

Ashley Erin Scoggins
Investigators said Parson stabbed her inside the store before leaving the parking lot in the dark. (Source: FOX8 WGHP)

“Tim, you must sacrifice yourself. Considering what you did. “According to reports, the grieving grandma pleaded with the criminal suspect.

Before Scoggins left him last year, the victim and the attacker shared a home in Gastonia with the kids, according to Costner, who also said that Scoggins later informed a judge that Parson had mistreated her and was stalking her.

More Details on Ashley Erin Scoggins

The woman, a mother of two, was also told by the judge that the suspect had threatened to kill her. Costner told the newspaper, “He said he would sooner see her dead than with anyone else.”

When Scoggins entered the business, according to a worker who saw the stabbing, she was accompanied by another person. Shortly after Scoggins arrived, the suspect entered and confronted her.

According to witnesses, Scoggins was fatally stabbed within five minutes of entering the business.

Additionally, a clerk informed WSOC that Parson nonchalantly stabbed the woman in the chest, close to the heart, so no one else saw until after the fact.

After then, the suspect left the business, acting as if nothing had happened.

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