Ashraf Azeem Wife

Ashraf Azeem’s wife, Zainab Fatima, was accused in the Umesh Pal murder case and reportedly sought security for her husband.

Ashraf Azeem was the younger brother of the late Atiq Ahmed, a former Member of Parliament and a well-known politician in Uttar Pradesh. 

Ashraf Azeem was a well-known name in the Indian political scene, particularly in Uttar Pradesh. 

He was a former member of the Legislative Assembly and a close associate of Atiq Ahmed, a notorious gangster-turned-politician.

They were killed on April 15th in Prayagraj while being taken by a dozen Police officers for a regular medical checkup. Three unidentified attackers shot the two.

Ashraf Azeem Wife: Was Atiq Ahmed Brother Married? 

It is known that Ashraf Azeem was married to his wife, Zainab Fatima, also known as Ruby. 

A picture of Ashraf Azeem’s wife, Zainab Fatima, also known as Ruby, in a black burkha. (Source:

However, little information is available about their marriage, and it is unclear when they got married.

Furthermore, Azeem’s wife, Zainab Fatima, has also been made accused in the Umesh Pal murder case. She reportedly sought security for her husband following his arrest in a 2020 murder case. 

There is not much information about Ashraf Azeem’s marriage, but it is believed that he had been married for several years and had four children.

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However, not much information is available about their children, and their names have yet to be made public.

Ashraf Azeem Family Tree Explored

Ashraf Azeem comes from a large family with several siblings and extended family members who have been active in the political scene in Uttar Pradesh. 

Atiq Ahmed, Ashraf’s elder brother, is perhaps the most well-known member of the family, having served as a Member of Parliament and as a member of several political parties.

Haji Firoz Ahmad is his Father’s name, while the name of his mother is not known.

Ashraf also had two sisters, named Aaisha Noori and Unzila Noori. However, not much is known about his sisters, including their professions or personal lives. 

Several other members of the family have been involved in politics and have held positions of power in Uttar Pradesh. This includes Atiq Ahmed’s son, Umar Ahmed, who has been accused of several criminal activities, including murder and kidnapping.

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The family’s involvement in politics and criminal activities has often been discussed in Uttar Pradesh, with many questioning their influence and power. 

Ashraf And His Brother Atiq Shot Dead

Atiq Ahmed, a former MP, and criminal turned politician, and his brother Ashraf, were shot dead in Prayagraj while being escorted by Police for a routine medical checkup. 

Forensic specialists were present outside the hospital where Atiq Ahmed, a criminal and his brother Ashraf, were fatally shot. (Source:

The attack occurred just hours after the funeral of Ahmed’s son, who was killed in the Police encounter two days prior. 

The assailants, who were riding motorcycles and pretending to be journalists, shot the brothers at close range and were detained on the spot by Police. They were heard shouting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ as they were being apprehended.

The three attackers who killed Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf are Lovelesh Tiwari, Mohit alias Sunny, and Arun Kumar Maurya. 

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They reportedly admitted that they intended to establish themselves in the world of crime by carrying out the killings. The shooters disclosed that they had planned to kill Atiq and Ashraf while pretending to be media journalists.

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