Athena Strand

Athena Strand’s autopsy showed that she was sexually abused and brutally murdered on December 2, 2022.

Strand was kidnapped a day or two before she was found dead, her ****** has been found, and he has been charged with capital ****** and is in Wise County Jail.

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The news of seven-year-old girl Strand was taken interest worldwide, and they were sending prayers to her mother and other family members.

Through social media, people helped to find the suspect in the case. The driver was found with the help of the public, who was with her mother.

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It has been more than a month since Strand’s *****, and still, it is hard for the mother to accept that she was sexually assaulted and killed.

Athena Strand Autopsy: Cause Of ***** 

Strand died on December 2, 2022, after being kidnapped for two days, a suspect was found, and currently, he is inside the prison for capital ******.

Fort Worth Police Department determined Tanner Lynn Horner allegedly sexually assaulted children under 17; he had assaulted three other than seven years old. 

FedEx driver accused of 7-year-old's kidnapping has been identified.
FedEx driver accused of a 7-year-old’s kidnapping has been identified. (Source: Click2Houston)

As per the report, Horner told Police that the girl was accidentally hit by his van and strangled her because he was scared she would tell someone; he mentioned he did not kidnap her. 

But after the investigation, it was clear that she was assaulted and later hit by the car. The murderer was involved in assaulting other kids in 2013 as well. 

Later he was arrested with two different charges following the ***** of Strand. After the identity of the murderer was out, people claimed him to be an “absolute monster.”

Horner has been charged a $1.5 million bond in Wise County jail and an additional $15,000, and he will probably be in prison for a lifetime.

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Mother Maitlyn Gandy Mourning The Loss Of Her Daughter

Strand’s mother, Maitlyn, was repeatedly begging people to help her find her child; she was active on social media and shared pictures of Strand and asked people to find her.

After two days, her body was found in Boyd, Texas; she thanked those who helped her find her and the man who killed her via social media. 

Gandy shared a tribute to her seven-year-old child, who she lost on December 2, 2022. “Athena is innocent, beautiful, kind, intelligent, and just the brightest, happiest soul you could ever meet,” Gandy wrote.

Athena Strand's mother, Maitlyn Gandy gives first interview after her daughter's *****.
Athena Strand’s mother, Maitlyn Gandy, gives her first interview after her daughter’s *****. (Source: WFAA)

Her mother added, “I do not want the bastard that took my baby from me and brutally murdered her to go to any city, town, county, state, or country without everyone knowing her face,”

“Thank you for finding my baby,” Gandy wrote in a separate post, thankful for the people who shared the posts and were able to reach many viewers.

Police department mentioned she was caring for her stepmother when she went missing. 

It was tough to see the post shared by her mother on social media; Gandy often shared pictures of her daughter on her account. 

She shared a tribute to her child in the post, and many people shared comments, prayers, and condolence for the family.

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