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Atiq Ahmed wife death news is all over the internet as she was on the most-wanted list of the UP Police following her husband’s death. Here’s the recent update.

Atiq Ahmed was an Indian gangster turned politician who served as a member of the Indian Parliament. Also, he was the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly from the Samajwadi Party.

Ahmed had over 160 criminal cases registered against him and contested several elections from jail. Furthermore, he was killed on April 15, 2023, while going for a court-mandated medical checkup in the presence of Police in Allahabad. 

Two days before, his son, Asad, was killed in an encounter during action in Jhansi by the Uttar Pradesh Police’s STF. All of them were killed after getting linked in the Umesh Pal murder case.

Now, Ahmed’s wife, Shaista Praveen, is also on the wanted list, and the Police have been searching for her for the past few days. 

Atiq Ahmed Wife Death News Goes Viral

Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen’s death news has left everyone confused as none of the media outlets have covered the news yet. So, it can’t be confirmed whether Shaista has been killed or not.

People are heavily searching for the news of Ahmed’s wife’s death, but at the time of this post, none of the Indian media or national television have shared the fact.

Atiq Ahmed wife death
Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen’s death news has left everyone confused. ( Source: Bharat Express )

So, more details will be given soon after we also get updated on the topic of Shaista’s passing. 

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What Happened To Shaista Parveen and Who Killed Her?

When the news of Shaista Parveen’s death came into the media, netizens began asking what happened to Atiq Ahmed’s wife. Mainly, people are concerned about her death news as it goes viral.

However, the fact about this viral news is yet to get updated. We, the Genius Celebs team, are also trying to get more news about Shaista’s death and will confirm soon.

Atiq Ahmed
Atiq Ahmed was killed on April 15, 2023, two days after his son was killed in an encounter. ( Source: The Hindu )

In the same way, people have asked who was the killer of Shaista Parveen. As we know, she has not been killed yet, but the death news may have risen following the death of her husband, who was killed on April 15, 2023.

Following her husband’s death, Shaista was kept on the most wanted list of the Uttar Pradesh government. Shaista is the only member of her family who currently remains on the run, with four of his sons under custody.

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Where Is Atiq Ahmed Wife Shaista Parveen Now?

Atiq Ahmed’s wife, Shaista Parveen, has been kept on the most wanted list of the Uttar Pradesh government. After the killing of Atiq, the UP government has now tightened its loop around his crime family with solid plans to capture the absconding Parveen. 

It was reported that Shaista might surrender but has not surrendered yet. So, we are unable to say where Shaista is now. A report by Fight Against Criminal has shown that Shaista, Ashraf’s wife Zainab, and Ayesha Noori are hiding in Prayagraj itself. 

Atiq Ahmed Wife Shaista
Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen is on the most wanted list. ( Source: Twitter )

However, it has not been confirmed yet. Apart from that, there is a bounty of Rs. 50,000 on Shaista’s head, with all civilians asked to give details on her whereabouts.

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