Atiq Ahmed Wife

Many people are searching for Atiq Ahmed wife, family, and net worth since Atiq remains one of the most controversial politicians in India.

Atique Ahmed is a former gangster who later became a politician in India. He was born in Allahabad (now Prayagraj) in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in 1962.

Ahmed has a long criminal record, with cases ranging from murder and extortion to kidnapping and land grabbing. He was considered to be one of the most feared and powerful gangsters in the region.

Atique, a former Samajwadi Party MLA and MP, was elected as a legislative assembly member from the Allahabad west seat five times in a row which is a record.

He was voted as a Samajwadi Party representative from Phulpur in Uttar Pradesh for the 14th Lok Sabha from 2004 to 2009. He served as president of the Sone Lal Patel-founded Apna Dal from 1999 to 2003.

Ahmed’s political career has been controversial, with many accusing him of using his position to further his criminal activities. Likewise, he has been accused of involvement in several criminal cases since becoming a politician. 

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Who Is Atiq Ahmed Wife Shaista Parveen?

Atique Ahmed is married to Shaista Parveen. She is known for her involvement in social work and political activities.

However, Shaista Parveen has also been accused of involvement in her husband’s criminal activities, including cases of murder and land grabbing.

In 2019, she was arrested along with her husband in connection with a case of assault and illegal detention. Both of them remain in jail awaiting trial. 

It’s worth noting that any attention or notoriety Shaista Parveen may have received is likely to be tied to her association with her husband, who has a long criminal record and a controversial political career. 

Atiq Ahmed Wife
Just like her husband, Shaista Parveen has also been surrounded by several controversies. (Source: Hindustan Times

Furthermore, Atigue Ahmed’s wife, Shaista also gained media attention after being involved in the Umesh Pal murder case.

In the Prayagraj neighborhood of Dhoomangunj, Umesh Pal was fatally shot. After CCTV footage of the incident was released, Shaista Parveen was seen getting associated with Umesh Pal’s shooter.

According to reports, the footage was captured five days prior to the shootout.

A Look At Atique Ahmed’s Family

Atique Ahmed’s family includes his wife, Shaista Praveen, and their children. The pair have five sons named Umar Ahmad, Asad, Ali, Abaan, and Ahzaan.

Furthermore, his brother, Khalid Azim alias Ashraf is also an ex-MLA.

It’s worth noting that Atique Ahmed’s family has been embroiled in several controversies over the years, with many accusing them of involvement in his criminal activities. 

Atiq Ahmed Wife
Atiq Ahmed’s family has more than 160 criminal cases against them. (Source: News 18

Furthermore, more than 160 criminal cases are filed against family members of Atiq Ahmed, as per Uttar Pradesh police.

After being linked to the death of Umesh Pal, a key witness in the 2005 BSP MLA Raju Pal murder case, Atiq and his family have gained media attention.

Ahmed has been named in 100 cases, compared to 52 cases against his sibling Ashraf, three cases against his wife Shaista Praveen, and four and one cases each against his sons Ali and Umar Ahmad.

Atiq and his family’s assets worth Rs 11,684 crore have been seized, and 54 of his cases are presently being heard in different courts.

According to the Prayagraj district administration, Ahmed and his associates were forcefully occupying properties worth Rs. 751 crores.

What Was His Net Worth Before Arrest? 

Atique Ahmed’s net worth before his arrest has not been publically revealed on the internet. However, several sites suggest that he has accumulated a hefty sum of money.

There have been allegations that he acquired wealth through illegal means during his time as a gangster.

Some reports suggest that he was involved in extortion, kidnapping, and land grabbing, among other criminal activities.

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