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Who Is Audrey Hale boyfriend? A former Covenant School student made headlines after killing six people, and his personal life has now become a matter of concern.

Audrey Hale was a former student of The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Besides, he was also associated with a Nashville-based graphic designer and illustrator.

Furthermore, Hale graduated from Nashville’s Nossi College of Art & Design in 2022. CEO of Cyrus Vatandoost also confirmed that Hale was a school president.

Meanwhile, Hale’s name has been making rounds on the internet as he recently killed six people at the school Monday. Following the deadly incident, people are concerned about his love life.

Audrey Hale Boyfriend or Girlfriend: Was Covenant School Shooter Dating?

There have been no records of Audrey Hale having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Also, none of the media outlets have shared information regarding Hale’s love life.

So, we can’t give more info about his partner. Meanwhile, he was assigned female at birth and pointed to a social media account linked to Audrey that included the use of the pronouns he/him.

Audrey Hale was a graduate of Nashville’s Nossi College of Art & Design. ( Source: Twitter )

Meanwhile, Hale lived at the family’s home with his parents. His mother, Norma Hale, talked with ABC News and said she had lost her daughter.

Despite Hale using himself, he/him pronouns, people use she, and CEO Cyrus Vatandoost also said that Hale was a talented artist and a good student using (she) pronouns.

Daily Mail has also reported that Hale was transitioning to become Aiden. He was also close to his brother Scott who has not commented on the shooting.

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Nashville Shooting Wiki: Meet The Shooter Audrey Hale

Audrey Hale was the one who created the shooting scene in Nashville’s Covenant School. His LinkedIn profile lists work as a part-time grocery shopper with the food delivery service Shipt.

Not only that, Audrey has mentioned past employment as a cat sitter. Her name came into the limelight after the shooting. He entered The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, just after 10 am.

hale shooting offiers
Two police officers bravely shot Audrey Hale in Nashville school. (Source: Twitter )

Inside, Hale opened Fire on students and staff, killing six victims. The victims: Hallie Scruggs, William Kinney, Evelyn Dieckhaus, Katherine Koonce, Mike Hill, and Cynthia Peak, died in the attack.

Two officers, Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo, fired the suspect, and Hale was shot dead about 14 minutes after the early 911 call came in.

Hale was armed with two assault-style rifles, significant ammunition, and a handgun at that time. He reportedly bought seven guns from five different local gun stores. 

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Meet Shooter Audrey Hale On Instagram

Audrey Hale was active on Instagram, and less than 20 minutes before the deadly shooting, Hale sent an eerie Instagram message to Averianna Patton. 

Patton, a former basketball teammate, said she received the Instagram message at 9:57 am. In the message, Hale said something bad was about to happen. 

Audrey Hale’s linked profile identifies him as an illustrator and graphic designer. ( Source: Twitter )

Meanwhile, Patton didn’t know why Hale reached out to her. Patton described Hale as a very quiet and very shy person, but they used to joke around together. 

Not to mention, Hale even won Most Improved and Class Participation awards from Nossi College. 

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