Austin Delaney Wikipedia

People are curious to learn about Austin Delaney Wikipedia. Explore more about his personal life via this article. 

After a 40-year career in journalism, Austin Delaney, a veteran of CTV News Toronto, has announced his retirement during the Monday six o’clock newscast. His final day on-air will be Friday.

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During his time as a journalist, Delaney covered many events and individuals, including the G20 riots, the ****** of Tori Stafford, Rob Ford’s mayoralty, and the Toronto van ******.

He has provided in-depth coverage of many essential stories throughout his career and has earned the respect of his colleagues and the community.

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Austin Delaney Wikipedia And Age

Delaney is a video journalist based in Toronto, Canada. He has worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) for over 20 years, covering many stories, including breaking news, crime, politics, and human interest features.

The video journalist is currently 73 years old. 

Delaney is known for his dynamic reporting style and ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

He has covered some of the biggest stories in Canadian history, including the 2018 Toronto van ****** and the 2013 Lac-Megantic train disaster.

In addition to his work for CBC, Delaney has produced content for other media outlets, including CTV and Global News.

He has received numerous awards for his reporting, including a Canadian Screen Award for Best News Reportage in 2015.

Delaney is a highly respected and accomplished video journalist who contributed significantly to Canadian journalism.

James Lewis shared a news about Austin Delaney's retirement after 40 years.
James Lewis shared news about Austin Delaney’s retirement after 40 years. (Image Source: Twitter)

He has worked as a journalist for a long time; he has announced his retirement. During the Monday evening news broadcast, he revealed that his final day on-air would be Friday.

Delaney’s last newscast with CTV News Toronto will air on March 31 at 6 pm.

Austin Delaney Video Journalist Wife And Family Tree

Delaney has not shared much about his life, including his wife and family. Therefore, any information regarding his family cannot be confirmed as it is not publicly available.

He has not shared any pictures with his family in public. He often posts about his work and upcoming projects on his social media account.

The Video journalist is active on Twitter and has updated about getting retired from the position in his post. 

He has worked for 40 years and decided to spend quality time with his family and wife. 

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Austin Delaney Net Worth 2024

After Delaney has decided to take off from his position, people are curious to learn about his net worth and career earnings. 

Delaney has not revealed any information regarding his net worth. But according to the source, his net worth is between $1 million to $1.5 million.

His income is likely derived from his employment with CBC News. Journalists’ salaries can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and the size of the media organization they work for. 

Austin Delaney's primary source of income was likely his employment as a video journalist with CBC News.
Austin Delaney’s primary source of income was likely his employment as a video journalist with CBC News. (Image Source: CTV News)

Additionally, a journalist who has been working in the field for many years and has developed a strong reputation may command a higher salary than a new journalist just starting.

Austin might have other sources besides his job, like business and investments, which he has not revealed publicly. 

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