Austin Lyle parents

People are curious to learn more about Austin Lyle parents. The 17-year-old East High School student allegedly shot two faculty members.

Austin Lyle allegedly shot and injured two high school administrators while being patted down during a daily search on 22 March 2023.

The incident has attracted nationwide attention as the Denver community grapples with the complicated problems of gun violence and mental health.

The incident has sent a shockwave in the city of Denver, Colorado.

Austin Lyle Parents: Where Are They From?

The investigation into the shooting incident is ongoing. There is scanty information about Austin Lyle’s parents.

As Austin was residing in the City of Denver, Colorado, his parents and family must also reside in the same area.

Moreover, a person under 18 can’t purchase a handgun in Colorado. It is unclear how the 17-year-old offender possessed a firearm. Might it be that he used his parents’ gun?

However, it is just an assumption. There have been no reports confirming the owner of the handgun Austin used.

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Austin Lyle Death – Found Near His Vehicle

Denver Police Department disclosed in a tweet that a body was discovered near the suspect’s car. The dead body has been identified as Austin Lyle’s.

In a Facebook post, the Park County Coroner’s Office also confirmed his death and that the body belonged to 17-year-old Austin Lyle.

Austin Lyle Parents
Austin Lyle was found dead near his vehicle. (Image Source: Reuters)

His body was found in Park County. The cause of death and identity will be determined by the Park County Medical Examiner’s office.

Austin shot two Denver East High School faculty staff on 22 March. After injuring his school faculty members, he fled the scene. Police officers searched for him all over the place.

They also published a wanted poster featuring the student and a picture of a vehicle resembling the one he might be driving.

Was Austin Lyle Arrested For Shooting?

No, Austin Lyle was not arrested for shooting and injuring two faculty members of his school, as he died before Police officer found him.

The 17-year-old suspect was found dead near his vehicle in Park County. The offender fled the shooting scene on foot briefly after Wednesday’s violence.

At an earlier news conference, Denver Police Chief Ron Thomas informed the media that this student had a safety plan requiring daily searches at the start of the school day.

Austin Lyle Parents
Following the gunshot inside the school, Police arrived at East High School just before 10 am. (Image Source: CBS News)

But the specific actions that prompted the school to establish a customized security policy for the student were not made public by the Police or educational authorities.

Several bullets were fired as the school’s dean and other staff members searched, and the student left the scene still carrying the handgun used in the attack.

The two victims were transferred to a local hospital, where Thomas stated that one was in critical condition and having surgery. At the same time, the other was in a serious but stable condition.

According to district superintendent Alex Marrero, two armed Police officers will be stationed at East High School in Denver’s City Park neighborhood for the remaining academic year in response to Wednesday’s incident.

The Denver school board decided to end the practice of deploying armed city Police officers, often known as school resource officers, to the district’s public school campuses and instead rely on its security staff three years ago.

Classes for the 2,500 students at the school will be canceled for the rest of the week.

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