Australian Survivor Heroes V Villians Season 10 contestant Mimi Tang

Fans of the television show Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villians are interested in knowing more about the show’s competitor, Mimi Tang — Her personal and professional life.

Mimi Tang is a luxury car PR owner from Melbourne, VIC, Australia. 

She gained fame after joining the Australian reality television series Australian Survivor. 

Tang, one of the contestants on Survivor: Heroes V Villains, has to fight for his survival on the international based reality series.

Notably, this season the contestants would be divided into two tribes of Heroes and Villains based on the show’s title. 

Australian Survivor airs on Network 10 and is based on the international hit reality game franchise Survivor. The show will air in January 2023.

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Who Is Australian Survivor Mimi Tang? Find Out His Age

Melbourne-based Luxury Car Pr Owner Mimi Tang is 33 years old as of this writing. Tang is one of the contestants on Season 10 of Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villians. 

Australian Survivor Season 10 contestant Mimi Tang
Mimi Tang is one of the contestants in the 2023 Australian Survivor Season 10. (Source: Network Ten)

The Network 10 popular show will air in January 2023. So, little is revealed about the show’s contestants besides their names and profession.

Maybe her bio will have some light in the coming days after the show begins. 

As of now, her details and life are in the shadows. 

Yes, this year’s Australian Survivor seems to be interesting. The season is based on Heroes Vs. Villains theme where the contestants would be divided into two tribes of Heroes and Villains.

Last year’s season theme was based on Blood V Water. The show was watchable due to the unique contestants. 

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Mimi Tang’s Family & Husband

The future star of Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villians, Mimi Tang is a Melbourne-based Luxury Car Pr Owner. She is now 33 years old. 

The show is yet to be aired, so not much is revealed about the contestants. 

That is why Tang’s family background is behind the curtains. Also, she has yet to be a big name to get in media interviews. 

Tang is not a famous personality as of this moment because the show has yet to premiere. It will air in January 2023. 

Only her professional life is revealed, so Tang’s personal life, including dating and relationship details, is private. Also, it is hard for us to assume if she is married and has a husband.

Maybe Tang will reveal these details after the show’s premiere. 

Net Worth Of Mimi Tang

Australian Survivor Season 10’s contestant Mimi Tang’s net worth is in the shadows. Melbourne-based Luxury Car PR Owner has yet to reveal her fortune.

Australian Survivor Heroes V Villians Season 10 contestant Mimi Tang
Mimi Tang is a contestant in Australian Survivor Heroes V Villians Season 10. (Source: Yahoo Lifestyle)

Based on her profession, Tang might have a decent sum of money. Also, her salary and monthly paycheque might be huge. 

However, Tang has remained tight-lipped about her fortune figure.

There are many excitable contestants in the reality show this year. The 2023 season of Australian Survivor will be interesting to watch because of Luxury Car PR Owner Mimi Tang. 

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