Awaab Ishak Parents

People are keen to know about Awaab Ishak’s parents as the 2-year-old boy died in a tragic mould attack in 2020. 

The family of Awaab Ishak has described the ‘grueling’ suffering they have been through since the toddler’s sudden death.

The two-year-old from Rochdale passed away in December 2020 from a respiratory disease brought on by the mold in the one-bedroom apartment he shared with his parents.

An inquest at Rochdale Coroner’s Court was informed that Awaab’s parents had previously complained to Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) about the residence’s state.

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The family has now spoken about feeling “stuck” in the apartment and “fearful” that the mold may gradually affect their youngster.

Who Are Awaab Ishak Parents Faisal Abdullah And Aisha Amin? Family Details 

Awaab Ishak’s parents, Faisal Abdullah and Aisha Amin, are from Sudan. 

Faisal Abdullah and Aisha Amin’s first child was named Awaab. In 2016, Mr. Abdullah relocated from Sudan to the UK. In 2017, his wife joined him.

While Mr. Abdullah has considerable knowledge of and proficiency in speaking English, his wife has very little.

This is significant when considering both the experts’ and the family’s capacity for dialogue, as well as the ability of the family to articulate any issues or concerns they may have had and comprehend suggestions.

Awaab was delivered at 31 weeks gestation prematurely. However, neither his consultant neonatologist nor any other medical personnel expressed any worries about his development.

All the evidence points to him being a two-year-old who was fascinating, vibrant, and endearing and who both of his parents loved and cared for.

Awaab Ishak Parents
Awaab Ishak’s Mother (Source: The Times)

196 Ilminster is a studio apartment. The owners of this property are the landlords, RBH. Shortly after arriving in the UK, Mr. Abdullah moved into the House.

His wife moved in with him in 2017, and they remained there until Awaab was born.

Mr. Abdullah testified in court that in 2017 he saw mold growing in the building and informed RBH of it. He explained that he was instructed to paint the mold over.

Mr. Abdullah painted over the mold more than once. 

Overall, Mr. Abdullah was given this counsel when he raised his concern. Overall, Mr. Abdullah would have likely needed to fully understand how to treat the mold with anti-mold treatment or paint.

It is more likely than not that Mr. Abdullah followed this advice on several occasions over the following two years and repainted the House, notably when his wife joined him and when their unborn child was due.

Mr. Abdullah and Ms. Amin were informed that the property’s mold was a persistent, ongoing problem, and in June 2020, Mr. Abdullah hired attorneys.

This claim appears to have likely been started by a claims Company. Due to policy, any repairs required after filing a suit could not be started until the claimant’s attorneys approved them.

RBH did not invent the policy; instead, it adopted it after other organizations with comparable missions.

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There is no proof that RBH received any information about the recurring mold between when Mr. Abdullah received guidance in 2017 and June 2020.

Ms. Amin was now expecting her second child, and Mr. Abdullah started asking the family’s medical contacts for assistance in July 2020.

On July 1, 2020, a health visitor named Caroline Ridley visited the House location. 

She testified before the court that Mr. Abdullah had shown her the mold in the bathroom and kitchen. He requested assistance with the open application for a move.

On July 9, 2020, Ms. Ridley sent a letter to RBH outlining her concerns over the mold in the home and its potential effects on Awaab’s health.

Awaab Ishak Death Cause 

Two-year-old Awaab Ishak’s death has shocked the nation, and some of the nation’s most prominent officials have expressed fury that this was permitted to happen.

Awaab Ishak Parents
Awaab Ishak (Left) And The Apartment He Was Living At (Source: Sky News)

The bathroom and kitchen of the Rochdale apartment Awaab shared with his parents, Faisal Abdullah and Aisha Amin, contained the mold that killed him. In 2017, Abdullah alerted RBH to the mold for the first time.

According to the senior coroner Joanne Kearsley, many things went wrong, some of which contributed to his demise.

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She stated that Waab Ishak passed away due to a serious respiratory ailment brought on by prolonged exposure to mold in his home environment.

“No steps were done to treat or prevent the mold. The respiratory arrest resulted from his respiratory condition, she said.

A coroner determined yesterday that the toddler, who “was full of life and laughter,” died from extended exposure to dampness and mold at his Rochdale home.

The family has accused the housing association of being “racist” for failing to address the problem.

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