Baby Baji

Baby Baji controversy has dragged huge public attention. If you want to know more about the scandal, keep reading this article till the end.

Baby Baji is a hit Pakistani family soap television series produced by Abdullah Seja. The show is loved by many people, and it has been running since February 23, 2023.

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Not to mention, the Pakistani show is the story of a household where Baby Baji lives with her four kids and husband, who falls ill shortly. 

After his illness, Baby Baji takes the responsibility of keeping her family. Baby Baji, whose elder three sons are married, stumbles to maintain a balance with her kids in the joint family system.

There are many casts in the show, and one of them is Aina Asif, who plays the role of Saman. 

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Baby Baji Controversy and Scandal Explained

Baby Baji controversy and scandal have been searched by many people on the internet. The drama’s stars have been making headlines for various reasons.

Syeda Tuba Anwar received backlash on social media, and recently, she addressed the controversy surrounding her character’s behavior toward her mother-in-law.

The family drama has received mixed reactions from fans, with some expressing strong objections to Farhat’s attitude towards her mother-in-law, who moved in with her son after her husband’s demise.

Baby Baji Controversy
Baby Baji’s cast Syeda Tuba Anwar was dragged into the controversy and she addressed it later. ( Source: ProPakistani )

Tuba defended her character’s actions, noting that every person in a nuptial should be entitled to set boundaries, irrespective of gender or living arrangements. 

Apart from that, another star Aina Asif is also in the headlines after she posted a video on social media that went viral instantly.

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Baby Baji Leaked Video and MMS

Baby Baji leaked video and MMS has gone viral on various social media handles, including Twitter and TikTok. As stated earlier, a cast of the drama posted a swimming video that was shared by many people.

Aina Asif was spotted enjoying a swim in a pool, donning a striking swimsuit that was well-received by many. Her pool photos and videos captured the attention of numerous people owing to her stunning appearance. 

Baby Baji Leaked Video
Baby Baji’s star Aina Asif went viral after sharing her swimming pool video. ( Source: Instagram )

Many TikTok users have posted clips that have gained more than 1 million views. Apart from that, Asif’s name has been linked to other fake news that dragged the actress into the controversy.

Some unauthorized sources on the internet have posted fake videos and photos linking the name of Asif. From this, it can be said that it was just posted to get likes and views on their posts.

Baby Baji Viral Video Update

Baby Baji is a hit Pakistani family drama. Many stars of the drama have made buzzes due to multiple reasons. Apart from actors and actresses making online gossip, some clips of the Pakistani drama have gone viral.

Many YouTube channels have made videos about the drama and shared their thoughts regarding the newly released family drama.

Baby Baji Viral Video
Baby Baji viral video is trending on TikTok that has gained millions of views. ( Source: TikTok )

The show has garnered a lot of attention online due to its themes about living in a joint family and other social problems, as the show’s storyline has hit a chord with viewers due to its portrayal of family dynamics and dynamic disputes.

Moreover, it can be watched on YouTube, and as of now, 65 episodes have already been released. 

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