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BabyTron mugshot has gained substantial public attention as he was arrested but is already out of jail. Scroll down to find out everything about his detention.

BabyTron is a renowned American rapper and songwriter who is famous for his 2019 track named Jesus Shuttleworth. The talented rapper is best known for his punchlines and beat selection.

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Active since 2017, BabyTron has gained an enormous fan base with his rap songs. Some of his notable albums are Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament and Bin Reaper 3: New Testament.

Besides that, he is also a member of ShittyBoyz. He has worked with Empire and The Hip Hop Lab. Apart from his songs, BabyTron has also faced some legal issues.

BabyTron Mugshot: What Did James Edward Johnson Do?

Rapper BabyTron’s mugshot has gone viral, and he has even put it on his Instagram profile picture by editing the image. Regarding his detention, the rapper was arrested for possession of controlled substances. 

On February 8, 2023, James was pulled over and searched for his vehicle. After that, the Police found marijuana, marijuana edibles, and psilocybin mushroom edibles. They even discovered a 9mm handgun. 

BabyTron Mugshot
BabyTron released an EP named Out on Bond with his edited mugshot following his release. ( Source: Instagram )

Following his detention, BabyTron was booked into Dawson County Jail in Lexington, Nebraska. Hip-Hop news publication Daily Loud was the first to give the news publicly. 

After his arrest, his mugshot was also released, dragging many people’s eyes. As said earlier, he has even edited the mugshot and has put it on the IG profile picture.

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Where Is BabyTron Now? 

BabyTron was booked into Dawson County Jail and was later released after posting 10% of a $15,000 bond. Furthermore, the rapper surprised his fans after releasing the EP Out On Bond on February 24.

Now, we can be clear that BabyTron is out of jail and busy with his professional schedule. After being out of jail, he was also live on Instagram, and his fans posted the clip from his live stream on social media, saying that he is free now.

Certified Trapper
BabyTron shares a photo with Certified Trapper. ( Source: Instagram )

We can find BabyTron on Instagram, where he is registered as @babytron. His account has already been verified; over 750k people have followed him there. 

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BabyTron Real Name and Net Worth In 2024

BabyTron was born James Edward Johnson III on June 6, 2000, to his parents in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The American rapper attended Lincoln High School in Ypsilanti.

He was interested in music from an early age, and at 17, James started taking music seriously. Initially, James started with his childhood friends TrDee and StanWill.

While in high school, the friends established the rap trio named ShittyBoyz. As mentioned earlier, BabyTron’s solo track titled Jesus Shuttlesworth went viral and was even featured on his 2019 mixtape Bin Reaper. 

BabyTron gives a pose in a studio. ( Source: Metro Times )

As a renowned rapper, James has earned significant money, and his net worth may be pretty impressive. None of the media outlets have given the fact about his fortune, but surely, it is in the six figures.

James has earned money not only from his songs but also from sponsorship and endorsement deals. Also, he takes some cash from doing shows. As James is still active in this field, we can say that his bank balance will skyrocket in the coming years.

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