Baeza Baby Momma

Baeza baby momma’s talk has been common among his well-wishers as he is the father to a daughter, and his romantic partner is yet to be disclosed publically.

Anthony Baeza, also known by his stage name Baeza, is a rapper, singer, hip-hop producer, actor, and songwriter hailing from Fresno, California.

Baeza started releasing his own singles and music videos in 2009, and his debut mixtape, Dough and Dro, was released at the beginning of 2013.

He has performed as the headlining act at venues all throughout the country, including the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in California’s Fresno.

Baeza was featured as an “artist on the way to the top” in The Fresno Bee following the release of his Right on Time EP in late 2013.

He is currently signed to Dope House Records Empire Distribution and has collaborated with hip-hop artists such as Baby Bash and Clyde Carson.

Additionally, the singing sensation also owns his fashion line called, Striktly Business, out of Fresno.

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Who Is Baeza Baby Momma? Meet Anthony Baeza Daughter

A father’s love is always giving, kind, and patient. Just like any other father, the music sensation Anthony is also someone who embraces fatherhood.

He is a loving, supportive, and dedicated father to his child, Mia Baeza. She was born on March 2013. 

Since Baeza daughter’s is still relatively young, very less is known about her. However, the singer often posts adorable pictures with Mia.

Baeza Baby Momma
Rapper Baeza, with his daughter Mia. (Source: Instagram)

With this, fans are also curious to find out about his baby’s momma. Yet, the rapper hasn’t been vocal regarding this topic which has raised curiosity among the fan base.

Many of his well-wishers wonder about his romantic whereabouts focusing on Baeza’s personal aspects.

Since Anthony is known for his musical endeavors, many people are interested in his daily talks, but sadly, he has not disclosed his baby momma or wife to date. The public only has a little idea about his dating history and love affair.

Similarly, when referring to his social media handles, Baeza has not shared any hints about his partner. Questions from his fan base are still unanswered, despite his privacy concerns.

Hopefully, the American rapper will be more vocal regarding his personal life in the coming days.

Baeza Family Explored

The prolific music persona was born in 1993 in Fresno, California, U.S. He spent his childhood in his hometown.

Anthony Ray was welcomed into this world by extremely supportive parents. Sadly, he has not revealed much about his family, mother, and father.

Furthermore, Baeza started curating music at the young age of 13, and his hobby was picking up hip-hop production.

He quickly began rapping over his own tracks, and by the age of seventeen, he had made the decision to make music his career.

Early musical influences for him were hip-hop acts such as Tupac, who were encouraged by family members such as his father.

Why Is Anthony Baeza Locked Up?

The rapper who was every girl’s crush back in the 2010s has now been arrested for sexually abusing children under a kid under 10.

Fresno Artist Baeza has been arrested in Arizona for oral copulation with a child under 10 years. The charges say that he was arrested on January 22 on 3 counts of “oral copulation of a child 10 years or younger”.

The rapper is currently in protective custody at the Southwest detention center with a bail amount of $1,000,000.

Baeza Baby Momma
Baeza locked up in Arizona for oral copulation charges. (Source: Instagram)

His next court date is scheduled for February 2nd, 2023.

This is not the first time Baeza has been locked up for sexually harassing young girls.

A few times ago, he was also locked up in Pima county jail in Arizona, and his bond was set at half a million.

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Baeza Baby Momma Instagram Explored

In today’s digital world, people are eager to share any new updates about their lives with their friends and families.

And for celebrities, social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and others serve as mediums to get close to their fans and earn more recognition.

Hence, a renowned music personality like rapper Baeza having a social media presence doesn’t sound surprising.

Following his arrest, his fans are eager to get updates from his social media handles.

Sorry to disappoint Baeza’s fans, but he is a man of secrecy and has kept his IG private. He is active under the username @officialbaeza and has hidden his 145 posts.

Boasting 253K followers, Anthony’s IG bio describes him as a music producer, CEO, FX Trader, entrepreneur, and investor. The guy sure has been involved in multiple areas.

Baeza Baby Momma Instagram
Baeza Baby Momma’s IG is private (Source: Instagram)

On the link tree of his IG bio, the rapper has given links to his YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Pandora websites.

He has also linked his official website there; however, it is unavailable as of this writing.

From his profiles on music websites, fans can stream and listen to Baeza’s singles, tracks, and albums.

They can also buy his albums and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

The rapper also has a Discord group where his followers can interact with him and get new updates about him.

But it’s likely impossible at the moment, considering Baeza is behind bars.

There are many fan accounts of Anthony Baeza on social media platforms.

Those accounts are quite active and often share news, info, posts, and any other thing related to the musician.

Although Baeza was captured for a heinous act such as having sexual misconduct with a minor, his contribution to the music world can never be forgotten.

Having highlighted several nationwide tours and produced numerous tracks, Baeza has shown his potential as a talented music producer.

The rapper has also featured in songs of several artists, including Fashwan, Sage the Gemini, Baby Bash, John Hart, and more.

Overall, fans must be looking forward to Baeza Baby Momma’s release. Hopefully, more updates regarding his charges and arrest will soon be disclosed.

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