Gonzo Jimenez Wife

Gonzo Jimenez’s wife is Wilma Marie; the couple has been together for more than five years. 

Jimenez came into the limelight after he was selected for Bake Squad; he was one of the four contestants in the television show. 

Before joining the show, he worked as a pastry chef and was in the show for eight episodes as everyone else in 2021. 

Jimenez is 32 years old and has been interested in cooking since he was a teenager; today, we know him from his cooking style and the cooking show Bake Squad. 

Along with his professional career, many fans are curious to learn about his personal information and stay with us to learn in detail. 

Bake Squad: Who Is Gonzo Jimenez Wife Wilma Marie?

Jimenez was married to Wilma Marie in February, 2014. The couple was in a long-term relationship before getting married. 

The couple seems to share kids now. Marie and Jimenez have celebrated their fifth anniversary and shared pictures of them on Instagram. 

Gonzo Jimenez from Bake Squade with his wife.
Gonzo Jimenez from Bake Squad with his wife. (Source: Distractify)

There has always been very little information about his wife in public, and they have not shared much. But Jimenez often shares pictures of them on his official Instagram account. 

His wife’s profession is unknown, and they often have kept their personal information away from the eye of the media. 

Gonzo Jimenez Kids 

Gonzo Jimenez has been married to Wilma Marie for more than five years, but the couple hasn’t had any kids. 

They have not revealed any information about their kid in public and have not shared a picture on social media, which shows that they only share children now. 

People have often questioned their children, as they have been married for a long time. But they have not shared any information regarding having a kid or anything.

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Gonzo Jimenez Family Details 

Jimenez was born in Northern Argentina in 1985, Spanish parents raised him, and he was always surrounded by good food. He learned cooking and started getting interested in it because of his mother.

Then, when he was just 17, he decided to work in restaurants and became more interested in it; Jimenez said he fell in love with it and had experience in cooking, so he joined pastry and culinary school in Buenos Aires.

Jimenez has yet to share detailed information about his family, but he has mentioned that they were very supportive throughout his career and always were proud of him. 

He has not shared anything related to siblings, which might mean he is the single child of his parents. 

Gonzo Jimenez Net Worth Update 

People are often curious to learn about well-known celebrities’ earnings and net worth, so Chef’s net worth has been a topic of discussion. 

According to the Sources, his net worth is $600K, which he has been earning as a chef. Before becoming a chef, he joined a hotel and worked in the same hotel till 2011.

Bake Squad, Gonzo Jimenez with the host of the show and three other contestant.
Bake Squad, Gonzo Jimenez with the host of the show and three other contestant. (Source: Distractify)

Then, he joined a chef bakery in two different places, and then, he accepted the offer and became co-owner of Miette et Chocola. 

After six mothers as an owner in the place, he joined Bake Squad and got the Best Artistic Award. 

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