Bangaru Adigalar Wife

Following Amma’s unexpected *****, people are surprised and curious to learn more about the Bangaru Adigalar wife.

In Tamil Nadu, India, Bangaru Adigalar, often known as “Amma,” was a well-respected spiritual leader and teacher.  Similar alterations were done to Shakti temples by Adigalar. He allowed women to enter the designated area.

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In addition, he established minor worship groups in Tamil Nadu and founded the Adhiparasakthi spiritual community, which has the Melmaruvathur temple as its central location.

Adigalar preached simplicity, ease of worship, and the empowerment of women in religion.

In addition to his spiritual qualities, Adigalar’s kindness and ease of conversation won over individuals of all backgrounds.  Additionally, the Indian government granted him a special honor in 2019 in recognition of his spiritual work. 

Sources claim that on Thursday, he unexpectedly passed away. He died at his nearby house in Melmaruvathur, at the age of 82, from a heart ******. His wife and two kids survive him. 

He founded the Adhiparasakthi spiritual movement, which is well-known for the Melmaruvathur temple nearby and its numerous local worship groups around the state. He has a sizable fan base. 


A noteworthy feature of his spiritual practice is allowing women into the most sacred areas of the temples while keeping an eye on them. Be with us till the end to learn about Bangaru Adigalar Wife.

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Who Is Bangaru Adigalar Wife Thirumathi Lakshmi Bangaru?

Who is Bangaru Adigalar Wife?Thirumathi Lakshmi Bangaru is the wife of Bangaru Adigalar. They had a life centered on spirituality and serving others, and they were never apart.

The husband and wife tried to empower others by teaching them about spirituality in the Adhiparasakthi spiritual community, where they were both members.

Bangaru Adigalar Wife
Bangaru Adigalar Wife might be devastated by her husband’s *****. (Source: Om Sakthi Amma )

Bangaru and Thirumathi Lakshmi Bangaru also had two boys who followed in their father’s spiritual footsteps.

In the same way, the children most likely grew up in an environment rich in spiritual teachings. They most likely held significant positions in the spiritual group with their parents.

The spiritual mission of the Bangaru Adigalar was closely linked to their family life. They emphasized humility, service, and dedication.

They also had a strong affinity for the Adhiparasakthi spiritual sect. Their family and many others who witnessed the powerful spiritual leaders were impacted.

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Family Details Of Bangaru Adigalar

On March 3, 1941, Bangaru Adigalar was born in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, in a tiny village named Melmaruvathur. In the same way, he was the second child of Mr. and Mrs. Naicker, well-liked farmers in their community.

Furthermore, the Bangaru Adigalar clan had significant importance in Melmaruvathur. Among the many properties he held was the location of the Melmaruvathur Siddhar Peetam temple.

Adigalar also has a sister and a younger brother. In the village, they were one of the closest Bangaru Adigalar families. Likewise, his upbringing in this Bangaru Adigalar household undoubtedly influenced his views on religion and priorities. 

Bangaru Adigalar embarked on a unique spiritual path that profoundly affected Tamil Nadu and neighboring regions.

Bangaru Adigalar Wife
Bangaru Adigalar will always be remembered by his wife and everyone who loved him. (Source: APMHSS)

In addition, he began concentrating on spirituality at an early age. Adhiparasakthi is the name of the new spiritual group he founded. It altered the religious practices of the local populace.

One notable aspect of his work was his advocacy for equal treatment of men and women in places of worship. Adigalar assisted women in entering Shakti temples. He improved things and altered outdated regulations.


In the same vein, he innovated by permitting women to participate in religious rites even while they were menstruating.

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