Banna Gupta

Banna Gupta chat video went viral, after which the politician has become the talked topic on the internet. Jharkhand Minister scandal explained. 

Banna Gupta is an Indian politician and the health minister of Jharkhand. Further, Banna is also a member of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly.

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Gupta is currently a fan concerned after his viral chat video, and people started searching for him on web sources. More, Banna is followed by more than 100k followers on his Twitter account. 

After the Jharkhand health minister started receiving backlashes and many people started commenting and making jokes regarding him, Gupta Lodge, an FIR in cyber thana.

However, netizens started backlashing at him again after they knew he had lodged FIR after being unashamed for what he did. Here is more about the Jharkhand Minister scandal. 

Banna Gupta Chat Video Gone Viral

Banna Gupta went viral following his video chat with a woman where they were seen having an unfaithful chat in the video. The video was leaked on many social media platforms and is currently trending.

It has been said that Gupta was having bad talks with a woman in a video chat leaked on social media. First, it was reportedly shared on WhatsApp groups, and later, it became trending on other social media platforms too.

Banna Gupta Chat Video
Banna Gupta’s video has gone viral, and Gupta is facing backlash on social media. (Source: Live Hindustan)

Now, every media source covers the details regarding Gupta’s viral video. Also, some of them have shared fake clips linking the name of Banna Gupta.

So, Banna has been the talk of the town for the past few days, and all of these are due to the video chat. Some people were unfamiliar with this topic, and many even asked about the scandal, which we’ve described below.

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Jharkhand Minister Banna Gupta Scandal Explained

Jharkhand Minister Banna Gupta is getting backlash on social media following a scandal which have remained on the internet for the past few days.

As said earlier, a video where Banna was seen having bad talks with a woman was leaked. In the video, he was allegedly seen being unfaithful with a woman. Due to that, everyone has been searching for the video’s link.

Everyone was curious to know the fact after the leaked video, and many big media houses have shared the news regarding Banna’s leaked video chat.

Following the leak, Banna’s attention was also dragged, and he has already reacted to this issue. He said the video was fake and edited.

However, many people have said that the video is not edited, as many people like Banna have been victims of the same situation.

A Twitter user wrote, “The video is made deliberately, Mr. This is not an edited video and sir, there are other videos like this with your Apsaras, the sources have given it to that main political opponent, leave the post before being exposed.”

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BJP Seeks Banna Gupta Resignation: Viral Video Chat Update

The news of Banna Gupta is in the spotlight due to his leaked video. Also, the eyes of the BJP have been dragged, and they have demanded Banna’s resignation and an investigation into the matter.

Sharing the viral video, BJP MP from Jharkhand, Nishikant Dubey, said the clip exposed the true face of the Congress. However, Banna has said that the purported video chat was fake and edited.

Banna Gupta
Banna Gupta, with his family, celebrates a Hindu festival. (Source: The Avenue Mail)

He has also taken to his Twitter account to address the matter, saying that he has lodged FIR and the investigation will start soon.

Additionally, Zee News has reported that a woman allegedly seen in the viral video chat has come forward and said that the video chat had been edited, which she did with her husband. They were edited and linked with Banna.

She also said she has neither met Health Minister Gupta nor knows him. Someone has reportedly used her face in a conspiracy. Moreover, further details will be updated soon as Banna has said that the investigation will start soon.

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