Barbora Krejčíková

Barbora Krejčíková is a Czech professional tennis player, and her current coach is Aleš Kartus. 

Barbora is a winner of many World Championships; she is a Grand Slam singles title winner and nine more major doubles titles, including the career Super Slam in doubles. 

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Barbora started playing Tennis when she was just six years old, and she was most active in Tennis in her school life than any other sport. 

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She was ranked junior world No. 3 in October 2013 and won the girls’ doubles title at the French Open the same year. 

And she is a very passionate and hardworking person, and she has always wished to be in the place where she is now. 

Tennis: Who Is Barbora Krejčíková Coach Aleš Kartus?

Barbora’s current coach is Aleš Kartus, a very talented and hardworking person. He has great knowledge of Tennis. 

Ales worked under Petr Kovacka, who was Barbora’s couch before Ales. Peter has always loved Ales’s performance as a coach, and he has much knowledge after working with Petr. 

Peter is also a professional tennis player from the Czech Republic, and he helped Barbora in many ways; he was a player and a coach of hers at the same time. 

Petr asked Ales in his place of him to coach Barbora, who is a very talented and hardworking person; she has never disappointed her coach. 

Much information about Ales has not been shared; we only know he is the present coach of the famous tennis player Barbora. 

Barbora Krejčíková Family Details 

Barbora was born to Karel Hradecky (Father) and Pavla Hradecka (Mother) on December 18, 1995, in Brno, Czech Republic. 

Barbora Krejčíková with her mother
Barbora Krejčíková with her mother, Pavla Hradecka. Image Source: Tennis Tonic

Her parents have been keeping a low profile and have not seen much in public. In an interview, Barbora shared that her parents were her biggest supporters; they helped her stay in her current position. 

And she was raised with one sibling; she has a good bond with her sister Petra Hardecka. Petra has also not shared much information about herself in public. But both sisters get along and seem to have a great bond. 

Career Earning And Net Worth Of Barbora Krejčíková

According to the Sources, in 2024, Barbora earned $772,539 in prize money for 13 matches in various tournaments.

She has always wined something with her gameplay, and she has been earning good prize money with her game. Altogether, she has made almost $8,485,649 in prize money to date. 

Barbora’s net Worth in the year 2024 is $7 million; her net Worth is calculated with the database of her gameplay and more. 

2022 Australian Open Champions winner,
2022 Australian Open Champions winner,Barbora Krejčíková. Image Source: Instagram

Also, the amount mentioned here might not be accurate; she might earn more from other sources like investments and business. 

Although she seems to give all of her time to Tennis at present, she seems to be very focused on her career.

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Barbora Krejčíková Coach Aleš Kartus Net Worth

The present coach of Barbora, Ales Kartus, has kept a low profile. He has not shared much information with the public. 

But his net Worth is estimated to be $1 million in 2024. His income salary for giving time to Barbora has not been disclosed.

So, there has only been little information about the earing of coach Ales Kartus. We will update more if he shares more details in public or if it’s his choice to make it private.

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