Barry Keoghan weight loss

Barry Keoghan weight loss and body transformation have garnered much public and media attention in the past few years.

Barry Keoghan is an accomplished Irish actor. The Dublin-born performer has been active in the showbiz industry for over a decade.

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During his long and remarkable career, the actor won many prestigious accolades, including a British Academy Film Award.

In addition, he has been nominated for an Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards.

However, it is not just his acting prowess that has amassed public attention.

Ever since setting foot on his cinematic path a decade ago, Barry has undergone an astounding transformation.

So, how did he achieve the jaw-dropping physique? 

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Barry Keoghan Weight Loss Before And After

Barry Keoghan has always been known for his slim figure since the inception of his acting career.

Barry Keoghan weight loss
Barry Keoghan before (right picture) and after (left picture). (Image Source: Men’s Health)

Contrary to the common notion of weight loss, Barry has instead remarkably transformed his physique, achieving a muscular body complete with a six-pack and a bulky frame.

Keoghan is not just about maintaining a fit physique, he embodies an active lifestyle.

The Irish actor’s ripped physique, which he often showcases in photographs, is a testament to his regular fitness routine.

This dedication to fitness is not just for show, but a crucial part of his preparation for his roles in the entertainment industry.

In August 2023, it was revealed that the actor is starring in the movie “Saltburn,” alongside Jacob Elordi.

Both actors underwent significant physical transformations to fit their roles, achieving what is often referred to as “ripped” physiques.

This transformation was not achieved alone but under the guidance of a seasoned trainer.

Their trainer, Kirk Myers, is a legend in Hollywood workouts. With over two decades of experience in the fitness industry.

For those unversed, Myers has overcome his own struggles with obesity and heart failure.

He has been training Jacob Elordi for several years, and Barry was fortunate to join them a few times.

Despite having an amazing trainer already, Barry benefited from Myers’ expertise during these sessions.

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Barry Keoghan Diet And Workout

Barry Keoghan is renowned for his commitment to his roles, often undergoing physical transformations to embody his characters authentically.

Barry Keoghan weight loss
(right) Barry Keoghan weight loss or body transformation journey is inspiring for many of his fans. (Image source: Instagram)

The Dublin native maintains an active lifestyle and a fit physique, which is a testament to his dedication.

Workout Routine

Keoghan’s preferred form of exercise is boxing, a sport he regularly engages in.

As any admirer of Keoghan would know, the Irish actor is an avid boxing enthusiast and prioritizes staying in shape.

He enjoys pad work and sparring, which are integral parts of his training regimen.

In addition to boxing, Keoghan is a regular at the gym, often sharing his progress with his followers on Instagram and Twitter.

His weightlifting sessions seem to have resulted in a more defined physique, especially noticeable in his portrayal of Druig.


While there isn’t specific information available about Barry Keoghan’s diet, maintaining a physique like his typically involves a balanced diet.

This would include lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, which provide the necessary nutrients for a healthy body.

Fans eagerly await further details about Keoghan’s diet and workout plan, hoping that the actor will share more about his fitness journey in the future.

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