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Matt Shea is a journalist and filmmaker. He has produced documentaries and news pieces for various media outlets, including VICE, B.B.C., The Guardian, Al Jazeera, and Channel 4 News.

Shea’s investigative piece for VICE about Andrew Tate, titled “The Dangerous Rise of Andrew Tate,” was made public on VICE and other platforms globally in January 2023. It premiered on B.B.C. iPlayer in the United Kingdom on February 11th.

The 45-minute film made accusations that Tate has a record of aggressive conduct towards women, along with other worrisome claims.

The documentary featured insider information and an interview with Tate, but he believed it was an attack and argued that the allegations were false and that he was misrepresented.

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BBC: Matt Shea Wife, Is He Married To Rose Worrell?

Yes, the filmmaker and journalist Matt is married to Rose Worrell. You can find many pictures of Rose on his Instagram account. 

Shea and Rose Worrell have been in a long-term relationship, but I cannot confirm whether or not they are married or have children. 

Matt’s followers appreciate the close bond he shares with Rose. They have been seen together traveling and enjoying their life together. 

Picture of Matt Shea with his partner Rose Worrell.
Picture of Matt Shea with his partner Rose Worrell. (Image Source: Instagram)

Personal information, like Rose’s profession and others, has been private. But the pictures clearly show how close they share relations. 

Viwers can find more pictures of Rose on Matt’s social media than in her account.

Matt has more than 5k followers on his Instagram, and if you want to get updates about his personal life, you can connect on his Instagram. 

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Andrew Tate Revenge With Journalist Matt Shea

Andrew Tate, currently under house arrest in Romania, has taken the opportunity to settle some old scores.

He had previously worked with VICE World News on a documentary but claims they portrayed him badly.

After his release from prison, Matt Shea from VICE contacted him for an exclusive interview, but Tate demanded a box of chocolates as a condition for the interview.

This resulted in a long cat-and-mouse chase between Andrew and Matt, with the latter ultimately being left stranded outside the Tate mansion. Andrew also filmed every one of their interactions and text messages.

Matt Shea's documentary explores Andrew Tate's Romanian compound and alleged abuse of women.
Matt Shea’s documentary explores Andrew Tate’s Romanian compound and alleged abuse of women. (Image Source: VICE TV)

Andrew eventually decided to make his documentary, called D.N.G., in which he and his brother Tristan are seen going about their day while occasionally stopping by to see Matt outside their gate and laughing at him.

The documentary appears to be Andrew’s revenge on VICE for their previous documentary about him.

Meanwhile, there are reports that VICE World News has been laying off employees and is facing bankruptcy.

Despite being under house arrest, Andrew agreed to the interview with one condition: Matt would need to procure a box of chocolates to enter his premises.

Even though Andrew knew that the documentary made by VICE was intended to defame him, he allowed the filming to take place.

However, during the filming, Andrew thinks that the filmmaker, Matt Shea, realized that his objective of portraying Andrew as a negative person still needed to be fulfilled.

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