Bel Priestley trans pose for a picture

Bel Priestley has openly come out as a transgender person and has transitioned into a gorgeous woman with Bel Priestley trans phase. So, here’s her before and after transition photo further down in the article.

Born on May 13, 2003, Bel Priestley is an English internet personality as well as an actress playing the role of Naomi Russell in the second season of Heartstopper, a British coming-of-age romantic comedy-drama TV series.

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Bel was the second trans woman to appear in the show, following her fellow co-star Yasmin Finney who plays the role of Elle Argent.

As a rising star, she has gained significant fame documenting her gender transition on various social media platforms. It was not long before she signed deals with Margravine Management.

In March 2023, Bel Priestly collaborated with ASOS, becoming a part of their Out & Out series dedicated to the International Transgender Day of Visibility.

Just a month later, in April, she became a member of the Paramount Generation Change initiative, which is all about women’s empowerment.

As time went on, her visibility and influence continued to grow, and in June 2023, her image was featured on the cover and in the editorial of Bricks Magazine.

But this wasn’t Bel’s only appearance on a prominent magazine cover; she shared the cover feature of Attitude alongside her fellow Heartstopper co-star, Ash Self.

As such, Bel Priestley trans phase has become a hot topic among the transgender community.

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Bel Priestley Trans: Before And After Transition Photo

Inspired by the British model and activist Munroe Bergdorf, Bel Priestley came out as transgender and began Bel Priestley trans phase when she was 13 years old.

Starting with the makeup and beauty videos on her Youtube and Tiktok videos, it was clear that Bel wanted to be a woman.

Immediately after Bel reached 18, she became legal for cosmetic surgery in the UK. So, to fund her gender transformation, she set up a GoFundme page.

National Health Service would have paid for the gender reassignment surgery, but there’s much more to the gender transformation than that. There is Facial Feminization Surgery and Breast Augmentation, which NHS does not fund. So she set up the GoFundme page.

Many viewers supported Bel Priestley trans determination and began donating to the GoFundme page raising £8,090 for the surgery.

With the help of the funded money, she got the necessary surgery and treatments, and here’s the before and after transition photo of Bel Priestley trans phase:

Before and after transformation of Bel Priestley trans phase
Bel Priestley gender transformation before and after image (Source: Instagram)

After some makeup and beauty videos, Bel also started posting about her gender transition and updates on her YouTube channel, getting tens of thousands of views.

In addition to face surgery, she worked with Dr. Ness and his team to get a hair transplant as part of her gender transition, which gave her a new hairline that took on a feminine shape.

With that and some other treatments and adjustments, Bel Priestley now looks like a gorgeous model on a way to stardom.

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Bel Priestley Cause To Be A Transgender And Impact In Trans Community

According to the earlier mentioned GoFundme page, Bel Priestley was very insecure about her body and face for a long time. She didn’t like that she looked very masculine.

Bel wanted to fix her insecurities and have complete confidence in leaving her house. She wanted to feel true to herself, giving a kick start to Bel Priestley trans journey and becoming a transgender person.

Bel Priestley standing beside the wall
Bel Priestley in a black dress (Source: Instagram)

With over 1.3 million followers on her Tiktok and over 42k subscribers on her YouTube channel, she has inspired many who feel insecure about their gender. 

Meanwhile, Bel’s role in Heartstopper and the casting choices for the show were revolutionary and groundbreaking, as actors/actresses who authentically align with the characters they’re portraying like young, queer, and transgender actors mirrored the identities they’re bringing to life on screen.

This approach has led to a portrayal that honestly delves into matters of identity and sexuality. Also, the Bel Priestley trans phase inspires and motivates all insecure about themselves.

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