Bella Fontanelle Autopsy report

People want to know about Bella Fontanelle Autopsy Report. According to the Jefferson Parish Coroner, Bella Fontenelle was killed by beating and strangulation.

In Harahan, Louisiana, Hannah Landon, 43, was detained on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, for allegedly killing Bella Fontenelle, her boyfriend’s kid.

According to a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office release, Bella’s Father couldn’t find Bella and Hannah when he got up on Wednesday.

Bella Fontenelle was reported missing, so he headed to the neighborhood Police station. According to a report in People, Bella’s body was discovered complete and not dismembered in a pail left outside her biological mother’s home.

The remains were discovered nearly an hour after the six-year-old was reported missing. The Jefferson Parish Coroner’s Office claims Bella was beaten before being fatally strangled.

On the same day, Hannah Landon was detained for the murder of Bella Fontenelle, a six-year-old girl. Read the article to learn more about Bella Fontanelle Autopsy Report and other details.

Bella Fontanelle Autopsy Report

Let’s get to know about Bella Fontanelle Autopsy Report. Bella Fontenelle, 6, was battered and strangled to death.

According to Jefferson Parish Coroner Gerry Cvitanovich, her body was discovered inside a 12-gallon bucket on her mother’s front lawn early on Wednesday.

The coroner’s office made Bella’s autopsy results public on Thursday after Cvitanovich met with Bella’s parents to review the findings. Cvitanovich described the meeting as distressing.

Bella Fontanelle Autopsy report
Bella Fontanelle Autopsy report details. (Source: FOX 8)

According to Bella Fontanelle Autopsy Report, Bella suffered multiple head injuries from blunt force trauma, according to Cvitanovich.

However, whether she was struck by a hand or an item is unclear. Detectives from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office detained Bunnak “Hannah” Landon, 43, about Bella’s demise.

Authorities claim that Landon was her Father’s longtime girlfriend. First-degree murder & obstructing the course of justice were charged against her.

On Thursday, Landon was detained without bail at the Gretna, Louisiana, Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. Investigators have not disclosed the suspected reason for Bella’s murder.

Bella Fontanelle Father’s Girlfriend Hannah Landon Arrested

As previously indicated, the horrifying find was made by authorities on April 26, 2023, at a residence in Harahan, which is located around 10 miles west of New Orleans.

According to a news release from the Police, Bella Fontenelle’s bones were discovered inside a sizable plastic bucket outside her biological mother’s home. The six-year-old was declared deceased at the scene, it was said.

The investigation into Bella Fontenelle’s death was conducted by law enforcement bodies, including the Major Crimes Task Force of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Officers discovered some Ring doorbell surveillance footage following a thorough investigation.

Video from the previous evening showed Landon traveling down Harahan’s Donelon, and Sedgefield drives while towing a wagon equipped with a bucket.

According to Sheriff Joseph Lopinto, Bella was allegedly killed at her Father’s home and then carried to her mother’s home in a wagon.

Bella Fontanelle Allegedly Strangled By Hannah Landon

Bella Fontenelle was beaten and strangled. Bella received several injuries before she passed away, according to coroner Gerry Cvitanovich.

The coroner insisted that the child’s body was not dismembered, adding that he just wanted to be clear about that.

Police concluded after questioning the child’s biological parents that neither of them thought the other was to blame for the child’s death.

Bella Fontanelle Autopsy report
Bella was beaten and strangled to death by her Father’s girlfriend. (Source: NOLA)

Police discovered the Ring doorbell camera footage and began to suspect Landon of murder.

On Wednesday, Hannah Landon was taken into custody on suspicion of first-degree murder and obstruction after Police acquired an arrest warrant for her.

After being evaluated at the hospital, Landon will be checked into the Jefferson Parish Correction Center.

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